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It is that time of the year when you are ready to welcome the vibrant colour of spring. The advent of Spring brings with it the festival of colours that we all enjoy. This year, make your Holi special as you indulge in a total spa like treatment while you play with your favourite Omved Herbal Holi Colours. We, at Omved have gathered a few tips on how to protect your skin and hair this Holi. Go on, indulge in a bit of spa treatment that will make this Holi really special.

Use Organic Colours

Play only using natural herbal holi colours. The range of Herbal Colours available at Omved are made in the traditional way by drying and crushing herbs like henna, spices like turmeric and flowers like rose, palash, tesu etc. Herbal holi colours are therapeutic and cause no damage to your skin or hair.

Spa for your skin and hair

It is important to take care of your skin and tresses in the festival of colours. We recommend playing with organic colours and following certain skin and hair care tips that will ensure your skin and hair are taken care of.

Taking care of your hair

Before playing Holi

Indulge in a massage Keshin Thailam hair oil. Apply the oil generously on scalp and hair length. Oiling your hair will protect it from excessive dryness caused by colours and since the oil forms a protective layer over the hair it will be easy to wash the colours off easily.

After playing Holi  

You need to clean your tresses really well to wash out the colour from it. Use a gentle Purifying Shampoo to gently wash off the colours from the hair. Using a mild shampoo will not strip your hair off the natural oils and will clean it well. Use a mild Gentle Conditioner that will nourish and hydrate hair which is a must if you have played with colours because it can cause dryness and itchiness to the scalp. If you hair still feels dry, warm some Keshin Thailam hair oil and massage on the scalp gently. Follow this with a hot towel treatment to further nourish your hair. You can  use a Hair Mask the next day followed by shampoo and conditioner.

Taking care of your skin

Before playing Holi  

You need to protect your skin from the colours so that they are not absorbed. Apply a body oil like the Sudyuti complexion oil or use the daily body moisturiser in generous quantity on all exposed parts of body. Let the skin absorb it for 15 minutes. A moisturiser will act as a natural sunblock, prevent drying and form a barrier to protect your skin from potential allergen. Apply a lip balm to protect your lips from getting stained, dried and chapped

After playing Holi  

After the hulla of Holi bathe with mild and moisturizing samira bath bar, a glycerine-based soap. Wash body with lukewarm and face with cold water, hot water makes the colour fast and thus difficult to get rid of them. Use a gentle cleanser to clear your face of all colour and impurities. Liberally apply daily body moisturiser, on damp skin on the entire body , immediately after the bath, to replenish, rejuvenate and regain lost skin moisture. Natural herbal colours sometimes stain the skin. Although this causes absolutely no harm to the skin, if you want to get rid of it, massage warm oil into your skin, (heavy oils like mustard/coconut are the best), and let the oil seep in for 15 minutes. Follow with washing with Shuddhi bath bar and warm water to wash off the oil.

To lighten the colour, rub lemon wedges and then apply wheat flour and oil mixture. Make into a smooth paste and then apply all skin types ubtan on face & massage gently to take out the traces of colour left.

An important nutrition tip – Drink plenty of water during the day and a glass of pineapple juice after the celebrations, to flush out inhaled or consumed colours.

Have a happy and a safe Holi!

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