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In a gentle way, you can shake the world. ~ Gandhi.

The technological advancements have not made life easy for us; in fact the more complex and advanced things are, the more time one needs to spend to understand the working of it better. In this rushed world, we’ve stopped enjoying the things we do. Everything comes as a task with a start and an end date.

What is your reaction, when someone stops by to ask you how you are doing? Do you feel like they are eating up on your valuable time and all the while are you calculating mentally about the tasks you would have completed in the time spent on the conversation? Or are you mentally making lists that you need to complete? In the middle of a hectic day, do you often feel the need to completely switch off and take a break from everything? If you’ve been nodding a yes to most of the things, the answer is that you are heading to a burn out. You can be productive even when you slow down in life and take things one at a time.

We’ve listed 9 ways that will not only help you slow down, but will also help you be productive in everything you do.

Minimize Meetings: Let meetings not cramp your days and eat into your work time. Reduce the number of meetings and attend only those that are important.

Set realistic goals: Yes, we know you can multi-task, but at the end of the day you need to set aside goals that you can accomplish. Commit to schedules that are do-able. Taking more than what you can accomplish is likely to cause a burnout. One way of doing this is to divide your primary or main goal into smaller tasks that can be accomplished in a few hours or less.

Stay offline for an hour a day: If you are working on a pressing deadline or are researching something important, switch off your phone so that you can work on the tasks without any distractions. This way you are also likely to get your work done faster.

Leave home early: Once in week, leave for your home early. Get disconnected and spend quality time with your family or friends. Sleep early and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and bursting with energy the next day.

Learn to say no: Saying yes can give opportunities to learn new things, but sometimes when you say no, you can also do things that are more important for you. Do you have that pesky colleague, who is always running to you for help to review a file or a mail, or maybe just help me with the task? While it is nice to help, there are times when you have to say no. And when you do get around to say no, say so without feeling guilty.

Do one task at a time: Yes, we know that multi-tasking is *the* mantra, but sometimes one task will need that extra attention. And when that happens, concentrate on just that one task to be able to complete the work efficiently.

Do one thing you love! : Take time out for yourself and do one thing that you love every day. Whether it is settling down on your couch to read a few pages from a book or it is to write something creative or learn a musical instrument. When you do something you love, you begin to enjoy things around you.

Be productive, not busy: Isn’t it wonderful to get things done? Stop for a while and think, would it not be wonderful if you get the right things done? Make a list of what the priorities are and what needs to be tacked first. Concentrate on that and you will achieve the mantra of being productive!

Take breaks: For every two hours of work that you do, reward yourself with a 20 minute break. It can be as simple as indulging in some stretching exercises at your desk or taking a coffee break that will help you relax.

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