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Are you someone who likes to constantly improve yourself and become better? Are you someone who likes to grow? Do you think that personal growth should be of prime importance for everyone? Are you the type who likes to discuss solutions for a challenge or whine about a problem?

All of us at some point of time in our life have been in situations that demanded attention. And we chose to either tackle it or just let it be. If we chose the former, we let ourselves improve and better and if we did not, we were just too involved in our comfort zone. Self-improvement is pretty easy if you are ready to be positive about yourself, focus on your shortcomings and accept that each day is a learning that will make you better and smarter. So, if we have your attention and you are keen to know how you can do it, let us assure you that it is really simple.

We’ve listed a ways that can help you boost your confidence and help you improve yourself.

1. Get rid of that niggling fear

All of us have fears; they range from uncertainty, taking a risk or the fear of the society. Each fear stalls our growth and keeps us stagnant. Know your fears and accept them. Eliminate the fears by overcoming them slowly. Look at your fear as a challenge and overcome them. A fear represents something that you need to address to be able to move ahead. And the day you start the process to recognize and overcome it, you are ready to move ahead in life.

2. Update and Upgrade!

We grew up in age of games that required us to level up if we had to access the next level. Sounds familiar? Apply the levelling up to your life. If you are a public speaker, ensure that you have more speaking engagements so that you can better yourself after every session. If you are a trainer, ask for feedback so that you will know the areas that you need work on and improve. The levelling up applies to each and every profession. Stop and reflect on what your skills are and what skills you can level up. Make a list of it and start working on them.

3. Set a routine

Nothing works as well as setting a routine. Wake up early to increase your productivity, indulge in a bit of exercising and meditation to calm yourself and begin your day on a positive note. If you cannot exercise every day, do set aside specific days in a week to exercise. Schedule a timetable and follow it. Once you get into a habit

4. Maintain a jot down book

Jot down your activities that you want to accomplish and steps on how you will achieve them. Write down your aspirations and your dreams. Let it be your personal handbook where you write down the purpose of your life, your goals and values of life. Refer to it regularly and tick what you have achieved. Making to-do lists is another good way of improving oneself.

5. Compete

Yes, indulge in competition, but let it be a healthy one! Setting goals and competing gives ample room for growth, because you strive at improving yourself. In the process of competing, both you and your partner is likely to not just gain, but learn more than what you would have individually.

At the end of the day, you need to keep in mind that self-improvement is a continuous process. The day you stop, so does your learning.

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