Priti Mehta


Priti is the Founder, Director and the creative force behind Omved. She created Omved with one simple conviction, “To live and let live in complete consciousness.” Growing up with Vedic traditions and natural healing techniques, when she was a child, it was but natural for her to be able to conceptualise Omved and the beautiful journey of Pure Natural Living.

Four years on, Omved has been a roller coaster ride that she’s just loving! With the Omved blog, Priti wants to combine her creative energies with her lifelong commitment to well-being and reach out to more people with holistic alternatives.

Priti holds a Masters in English Literature and before creating the wonderful world of Omved, she was a Director of one of India’s leading jewellery brand. When she is not working, she loves reading, practising yoga and knowing more about holistic living.