Omved Griha Pravesh Kit


Griha (living/working space) Pravesham (entry) is the first entry before occupying a new place that takes place on an auspicious day.Griha pravesham is the final action of purifying and making the space ready for living/working. It is also a thanksgiving to the gods and ancestors for the boon of the living/working space.

Vastu Shastra, the astrological science of architecture, believes that the space we live/work in is not just a brick and mortar object but an entity with the “griha purush” or the spirit of the place dwelling in it. It is therefore required that the occupants appease the spirit and purify the environment before moving in.

  • removes all evil and negativity of the home
  • improves the health of the residents
  • increases creativity and inner intelligence
  • increases longevity
  • helps growth in spiritual and material life
  • increases harmony and stability in the family

In a commercial place, it improves the efficiency of employees, helps expansion and profits of the business.Instructions:when to use:

This kit can be used for three types of Griha Praveshams as mentioned in the ancient scriptures:

Apoorva: entry to live in a newly constructed house on newly selected land.

Sapoorva: entry to live in an already existing house after travelling abroad or migration elsewhere.

Dwandwah: entry to live in a house after reconstruction or renovation due to damage by fire, floods, electrical mishap, wind, etc.

A good muhurat should be fixed after consulting a learned astrologer or considering the purity of panchang (Vedic almanac). General rules are:

Time : Preferably should take place up to or before noon. As far as possible, it should not be done at night or in the evening.

DAY: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are auspicious. Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday are inauspicious.

This kit contains all that on needs to carry out the auspicious pooja. Listed is what the kit contains:

  • Rock salt sachet
  • Mangal Utsav Bhandarwar (door hanger)
  • Mangal Utsav dhoop (incense) sachet 5 gms
  • Ashtamangalya Thaal: areca platter with mirror, betel nut, diya, akshat, kumkum, kajal and cloth.
  • 9 Navagraha Kumbhs – 9 copper urns, 9 coconuts, 9 kinds of grain
  • Vastu Purna Kalash- copper pot, 1 coins, 9 kinds of grain, Green cloth, Red Mauli
  • Sandalwood powder (5 gms in tin box)
  • Sri Ganesh Mangal Paath and a Sri Ganesh idol
  • Akshat (rice kernels with haridra and kumkum) 150 gms in teabag
  • Gangajal (30ml)
  • Incense
  • Kumkum (20 gms in tin box)
  • Red Mangal Asana (holy mat)
  • 2 Raksha Maulis (protection cord)
  • Mustard seeds sachet 25gms
  • Navagraha yantra card poster
  • Navagraha Shanti Havan Dhoop (incense) sachet 5 gms
  • Dhoopdaan and Charcoal 10 pellets
  • Turmeric (5 gms in tin box)
  • Griha Pravesham Mantra CD
  • Instruction Manual

You can buy this kit at the Omved store


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