Mother’s Day gift ideas with Omved

It’s that time of the year again, to express our appreciation to that special lady in our lives! For all the sleepless nights and tired days, the stressful tantrums and agonizing headaches we’ve given her, she deserves a big thank you!

Let’s turn the tables today, shall we? For all the love, nurturing and care she has blessed us with, let’s shower her (pun intended!) with affection, indulge and pamper her with attention and make her feel special and loved! If you’re struggling to find Mother’s Day gift ideas, we’ve put together an Omved gift guide to help make things a little easier.
(Why Omved? Well what would possibly better suit a woman like her than; the goodness of nature (with over 97% high quality natural ingredients), bottles of compassion (no animal ingredients/animal testing) and the healing of therapies (proven test-results based solutions)?

Let’s get on with it then, shall we? We have listed some fab Mother’s Day gift ideas with Omved. Go ahead and make her day special !

Mother’s Day gift ideas with Omved


1. Omved Intense Moisturising Cream

The perfect gift to make up for washing all those dishes! This Vitamin E rich premium skin food, rich with a trio of Kokum butter, Wheat germ and Sweet Almond oil, will keep skin soft, supple and hydrated for upto 8 hours! Surely something she will cherish! Click here to buy it now. Click here to buy it now.

2. Omved Susvapna Dreams Roller

She’s had her fair share of sleepless nights over the years so why not give her a night of deep slumber, with this natural therapeutic aroma remedy roll-on. The calming fragrance of lavender and tranquil vetiver will soothe frayed nerves and ease stress. No wonder it’s called a ‘portable lullaby’ by its fans! Click here to buy it now.

3. Omved Terracotta Foot Scrub

You may have kept your mum on her toes over the years. It’s about time she put her feet up, wouldn’t you say? This traditional earthen foot scrubber, hand-crafted from lead-free terracotta, is just the solution for scrubbing and sloughing away dead skin to reveal gentle soft soles. Click here to buy it now.

4. Omved Damaged Hair Care kit

Every mother needs to let her hair down once in a while. This repairing hair care kit will transform hair from dry and damaged to strong and shiny! Made with Ayurveda’s most effective botanicals to repair hair fibre and plant derived amino acids to restore moisture, revitalise damage and rejuvenate hair! Click to buy it now.

5. Omved Nagarmotha Skin Mask

It’s easy to forget about yourself when you’re constantly looking after others. Give her a bit of me time with this 13 highly-prized Ayurvedic extract secret to immortally young skin! Precious botanicals like Nagarmotha, Lodhra and Ashwagandha visibly correct deep wrinkles, smoothe surface and restore firmness to the skin. She is going to thank you for her beautiful envious glow! Click here to buy it now.

6. Omved Soap Set

If there is one indulgence that is a definite must have, is this aromatherapy bathbar set! The 100% natural soaps are blended in the most skin-safe, gentle and moisturising base of almond and olive oils and pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. A collection of 12 bathbars that offer not just daily aromatherapy, but also a year of freshness! You can just imagine the smile on her face! Click here to buy it now.

7. Omved Facewash & Moisturiser set

This duo set is a super basic essential for a hypoallergenic, harsh-chemical-free, 100% pure and natural skin-care routine. In an all that she needs, gift set, to nourish, rejuvenate and hydrate her skin. The gentle face wash helps to deep cleanse skin of dirt and impurities, while the ultra-light moisturizer soothes and hydrates skin; day and night! Click here to buy it now. The good news is that we have these sets for all skin types! Visit our face care section to know more.

8. Omved Soothing Grains Neck Compress

Ease the weight off her shoulders with this 100% premium grain filled compress! Inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic tradition, it offers moist warm/cold healing to help alleviate pain and inflammation of tired muscles. Can almost hear her groan with gratefulness, as she winds down on an evening. Let her just unwind and relax a little bit extra as she feels the aches and pains go away. Click here to buy it now.

9. Omved eco-friendly Vedic Keychains

Handcrafted using traditional knotting and weaving styles and eco-friendly materials, these keycharms are sure-fire charmers! Designed using ancient Vedic knowledge of sacred beads and mystic seeds and their inherent healing energies each key charm is a combination of master craftsmanship, traditional wisdom and earth-friendly recycled glass beads. Every mommy can use some abundance and positivity in their life! Click here to browse our vedic inspired key chains.

10. Omved Soy wax candle set

What is better than one aromatic candle? The answer is four candles (of course). This set contains of Omved’s bestselling heavenly fragrances with beautiful scented notes of sandalwood or vetiver. Nothing says Mother’s day better than these breaths of aromatic bliss! Click here to buy it now.

A breakfast-in-bed, a date with her (coffee & conversations), a treat at the spa; are some surprises that woffer the best chance to gift her these natural indulgences. What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year?

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Mother’s Day gift ideas with Omved

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