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Humans perform different activities depending on the time of the day. The ancient Vastu pundits, after a lot research divided the 24 hours of a day into eight parts that represented the eight cardinal directions. The Vastu pundits then designed and recommended the layout of the various rooms of a house keeping in mind these eight cardinal directions. The rooms were designed such that at any given time of the day depending on the activity, the inmates were able to absorb the life-giving rays of the Sun, according to the position of the sun through the day.

Vaastu Shastra prescribed the following layout for a house, based on the usual human activities from morning till night.

3 AM to 6 AM: Just before sunrise is called the Brahma Muhurta and the Sun is in the North-East. The early hours are recommended to carry out meditation, Yoga, the daily pooja or study as it is very quiet and peaceful. the vastu pundits recommended this direction was best suited to have the Meditation room/Pooja room.

6 AM to 9 AM: The Sun is in the East. This is the right time for bathing and getting started for all chores lined up for the day. Vastu Pundits recommend that keeping this in mind, East was the best location for the bathroom (not the toilet).

Please bear in mind, in the olden days, the bathrooms were always outside the house, therefore this position was ideal. However in our modern day apartments and attached bathrooms cum toilets, it is not advisable.

9 AM to 12 Noon: The Sun is in the South-East and this is a good time to prepare food. Vastu Pundits advise locating the kitchen in this direction. The logic was also that during this time the kitchen will receive the UV rays from the sun that will help keeping the kitchen free from any germs that can spoil the food.

Noon to 3 PM: This period is known as Vishranti, because people tend to rest after a meal. The The Sun is now in the South, and hence the best position for the bedrooms.

3 PM to 6 PM: This time frame is best suited for study and work because the mind is refreshed post the resting period. The Sun is now in the South-West section of the house and the Vastu pundits recommend that this is a good position for a study or library.

6 PM to 9 PM: in the evening: Is the right time to eat your meals or sit and relax. The Sun is in the West and this is the best location for dining or living room.

9 PM to Midnight: The Sun is now in the North-West part of the house and this is the recommended time to sleep and rest. In the olden times, people placed the cowsheds in the North-West part of the home. This direction is also suitable for another bedroom.

Midnight to 3 AM: When the Sun is in the Northern section and this is the time of the darkness. Vastu pundits recommend that North is the  best place to store valuables so that they are protected.

Adaptations have been made today considering our lifestyle changes. Maharishi Vedic Architecture recommends the following factors of right placement to changes ensuring every aspect of daily activity in the home or office building is in harmony with Natural Law. 

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