Do you know the true significance of celebrating Eid?


It was during the month of Ramadan that the first verses of the Quran, holy book of Islam, were revealed to Muhammad. Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, is observed by most Muslims not only as a month of fasting but also as a month of blessing marked by prayer and charity. It focuses on self-sacrifice and devotion to Allah or God.

For most Muslims, Ramadan means more than just abstaining from food, drink and physical intimacy. It is a great opportunity to be with dear ones and purify the mind, body and soul by participating in the Taraaweeh, or night prayers, and Iftaar or fast-breaking meals. It is also a way of life that can be adopted by the younger generation or the millennials to lay the foundation for developing good habits that grow beyond Ramadan.

The Millennials’ essentials

Some suggested essentials that every millennial or youngster could carry along are a Quran, alternatively one can also download an app for it. Again a prayer mat could also figure in your list of essentials and a non-PVC mat made using natural fibres such as Omved’s Yoga Mat would be ideal. Modern and comfortable clothing, accessories such as natural toothbrushes, water bottles can also make for an elegant accompaniment.

Ramadan – a month of Purification

Ramadan is also the month of purity and purification process for Muslims. While fasting is the most important way to cleanse our physical bodies, it is essential to cleanse our surroundings too. One can choose from a range of natural and non-toxic products such as dhoops and incense sticks to purify, cleanse, invite the auspicious, and keep the nearby environment free of negativity

Halal – Not just products, but a perspective!

The term Halal is commonly used in relation to food products, cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, etc. that are made without cruelty towards animals or harming any living being. From a socially responsible perspective, Ramadan is not the only time when everyone should opt for vegan products but adopt them as a way of life.

Today socially conscious and PETA certified companies such as Omved are propagating the idea of Vegan products with 100% pure, natural and organic personal care products and therapies.

Eidi – Gift joy and purity

At the culmination of Ramadan, wishing our near and dear ones Eid Mubarak seems incomplete without a gift. No doubt, a ‘Gift’ during the celebrations of Ramadan Eid, also called Eidi, says a lot about the giver. When one gifts Eidi during eid ul fitr, to their loved ones it makes more sense if its 100% natural, pure and pristine in every sense.

To heartily celebrate this momentous occasion with loved ones, you can choose from 100% natural & organic range of aromatherapy products such as Aradhan Dhoop to increase spiritual energy and increase mental clarity, Mangal Dhoop to attract positivity and remove obstacles, Shuddhi Dhoop to cleanse the air of unhealthy microorganisms or the Najarbutti Dhoop to prevent infections and ward off negativity.


If reed diffusers are your choice, you can also opt from Omved’s range of reed diffuser oils such as Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Or if you wish to help someone experience aromatherapy at its best, try Omved’s range of 100% pure, blended essential oils along with a Ceramic or Copper Oil Diffuser.

Eventually, whatever gift you choose, make sure it bears the mark of purity, so besides spreading positivity they will also help you heighten your Eid celebrations.

Omved heartily wishes all its family members Eid Mubarak and hopes this golden tradition of purity will be carried forward by the generations to come.


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