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The monsoon has set in! One can’t help but enjoy the beautiful monsoon as we say the good byes to the hot, sweltering summer. But along with the monsoon we also face the onslaught of all kinds of bugs and pests, who seem to emerge overnight. In such a scenario, keeping your home bug free can be quite a challenge!

The bugs and insects that come out during the rains aren’t just gruesome or annoying; they pose a serious health hazard as well. Children are more at risk, as are people who live near water bodies or fields. Dengue, malaria, chikungunya, typhus and plague are some of the common disease that are on the rise post the monsoon. Bugs can also transmit various germs onto food and water, contaminating and making us ill in the process. 

Benefits of using Natural Ways to get rid of Bugs

Looking at the list of deadly diseases that are borne by insects, it’s obvious that keeping your home bug free is of top most importance. When considering pest control, most people tend to reach for the deadliest bug spray on the supermarket aisles. But chemical insect repellants come with their own set of risks, and you’re certainly not doing yourself or the environment any favors in the long term. Here’s why it’s better to go with natural ways to get rid of bugs: 

1. Prolonged use of insect repellants show symptoms like nausea, dizziness and memory or concentration problems

2. Not necessarily toxic

4. Does not destroy other useful creatures and their habitats

5. Naturally freshens air

6. Does not harm indoor and outdoor plants

7. Does not harm the environment

Just because natural pest control methods don’t use chemicals, it doesn’t mean that they are any less effective. Here are 10 natural but effective ways to keep your home bug free this monsoon.

8 Effective Ways to Keep your Home Bug Free this Monsoon

1. Install screens

Your doors and windows are the main entryway for bugs and insects, so deal with them first – install a screen of fine mesh on every window and side doors, so that even small insects are kept away. This is the most effective and non toxic way to keep bugs away.

2. Seal the gaps

If you look around your house carefully, you’re sure to find gaps or cracks, which are great secret passages for bugs. Holes in the ventilator or AC ducts are good enough to create the passage, so it is important to seal them up effectively. 

3. Fix leaks

Humidity and dampness attracts bugs and pests. Keep all areas as dry as you can and fix that leaking tap or faucet immediately so that it does not create a puddle that can attract bugs. Keep bathrooms and kitchens dry by wiping down after every shower or wash up. 

4. Maintain a clean home

Bugs love dirt, and keeping your home spotless helps to keep bugs at bay. Wipe down spills immediately, and sweep up crumbs as soon as they fall. Have a regular cleaning schedule, especially concerning the trash – it needs to be emptied every day.

5. Clean up the garden

Gardens and plants help keep our homes and surroundings healthy, but they can also turn into breeding grounds for pests. Get rid of any junk lying around; even an empty bottle cap can breed deadly mosquitoes. Take special care of plant trays and empty them regularly. This is more so if you stay in flat where you have limited space for gardening. Ensure that the whole area is spotless with no water puddles anywhere. 

6. Use vinegar to clean

Vinegar is a superb cleaning agent, and can also act as a deodorizer. Use it to clean kitchen appliances and countertops; the smell of vinegar is a great put off for ants, so they’ll no longer be a nuisance in the kitchen. Add a capfull of vinegar to one litre of water and use it as a surface cleaner. 

7. Use bug repellant décor

You can actually make your décor bug repellant. If you use decorative candles at home, opt for citronella candles which help to keep mosquitoes away. Keep them at a distance from where you sit, and you’ll not be troubled. You can also use a dhoop like mashaka to cleanse the surroundings and keep your home naturally fragrant. 

8. Make your own bug repellant spray

You can make your own bug repellant spray to use whenever necessary. Mix about 100 ml of boiled water with 10 drops each of citronella, lavender and eucalyptus essential oil. Store in a spray nozzle bottle and use as a room freshener too. 

These natural ways to keep bugs way from your home require very little cost and effort and have advantages beyond pest control. They keep your home feeling fresher and safer, leaving you and your family free to enjoy the rains without worry!

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