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As promised we’re back with our next article based on cravings and how to gracefully balance them in our lives. On the occasion of International Yoga Day 2018, we take a perspective on Millennials and their food cravings. Across the world, ‘Millennials’, also known as Generation ‘Y’, are a confident lot. They know what they want, seek out the best as per their likings and preferences and stick to their choices. Their food cravings are no different.

While we all know the health benefits of practicing yoga such as improved body flexibility, pain relief, weight loss and more, it is also useful to curb and balance our food instinct. Be it samosas, burgers, vada pavs, pastries, ice creams, chocolates, candies and more, each one of us has craving for a favourite junk food we find so IRRESISTIBLE!!!

It was found in a research that people who do yoga tend to eat more mindfully than those who don’t. People who overeat are in fact tending to their anxieties and not their real hunger. Also according to a different study published by Science Magazine, imagining eating food before actually consuming it can also help curb food cravings.

But hey, be rest assured, today we won’t ask you to visualize eating your samosas, burgers, ice creams and candies to curb your cravings. Instead, go ahead indulge some more, but don’t forget your commitment towards these following yoga asanas too!
Add note: The asanas depicted in this article are indicative only. Please consult a certified yoga instructor to strike the right pose.

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Trikonasana – (Icecreamasana)

Now with Trikonasana on your side, an extra Scoop won’t do much harm. Practice this asana to stimulate your abdominal organs and strengthen the digestive process.

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Virbhadrasana – (Sweetoothasana)

Having a sweet tooth is a sin no more. Indulge in your favourite sweets but don’t forget to practice the Virbhadrasana as it tones the stomach, back, shoulder and arms, and helps increase circulation.

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Hanumanasana (‘ChatpatSamosana’)

Can’t curb your love for samosas??? Then don’t… Eat to your heart’s content and then perform this asana religiously. Besides strengthening the groin muscles, it stimulates the digestive system as well.


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Bhujangasana (‘Pastryuttamsana’)

The Bhujangasana helps strengthen the spine, chest, and shoulders besides improving digestion. An ideal asana to balance your indulgence after a night out.

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Paschimmottasana (‘Chocolateasana’)

While the Paschimmotasana helps calm the brain and relieve stress, it will also improve your digestion. Go ahead, take an extra silky bite next time!


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Shirshasana – (‘Candymuktasana’)

Known as the King of all yogasanas, the Shirsasana ensures a steady blood flow to the brain. It revitalizes the digestive system, tones the nervous system and helps cure several disorders.

Column: 2


Adhomukhasvasana – (Laddoomudra)

Celebrate life with a zing of energy. The Adhomukhasvasana calms the brain, increases lung capacity and stimulates abdominal muscles. So, don’t count those laddoos before you make them disappear!

As millennials, we love to enjoy our freedom and celebrate life. So this International Yoga Day, as responsible adults, let’s switch off our restrictive mode and put back the fun in our lives with these effective asanas.

Watch out tomorrow for our list of ‘Deskasanas’ that can help you stay fit and keep office stress at bay.

International Yoga day 2018


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