How to stop baby crying from Colic, Cold & Cough?


Understanding Dosha in new born baby

Each phase of the life of an individual is divided into 3 natural phases – childhood, youth and old age. According to Ayurveda, each of these 3 phases is dominated by one of the 3 Dosha’s. Let’s imagine this concept as if there are 3 drivers for a vehicle, but only one can drive at a time. During childhood, Kapha is the dominating factor, during youth Pitta drives the body metabolism and during the old age, Vata governs our physiology.

This is the reason why children are more prone to Kapha related disorders like a common cold, congestion, stuffy nose, etc. than any other age group. Most of these disorders get cured on their own as the child become adults and Pitta, the fiery dosha takes charge.

Pitta eliminates the cold and congestion causing effect of Kapha. However, the sad marks of Kapha imbalance are left on the metabolism of the child forever. If Kapha imbalance is not corrected at an early age, it might lead to severe life-long disorders like sinusitis, migraine, problems in sensory organs like eyes, ears, etc.

However, curing Kapha disorders in children, esp. babies becomes difficult just for the simple reason of their free-spiritedness. Children are not known to be the docile beings who will take a spoonful of medicine at a single command. And we all have known parents who keep running after them with food and medicines.

Unfortunately, we have become so used to quick-fix cures that the moment babies develop cold, cough or congestion, we rush to the doctors. Modern medicine has its limitations. The only way most of the doctors try to cure their patients is to put them on nebulizers or administer antibiotics to little kids.

Antibiotics can be a major health hazard in the coming future.  Because of careless overuse of antibiotics in humans, most of the pathogens have adapted themselves to these drugs. This is a more dangerous new breed of drug-resistant pathogens, which cannot be eliminated by the traditional use of antibiotics.

For example, a new variant of tuberculosis bacteria is resistant to most of the prevalent antibiotics. Now doctors have to administer a much higher dose of antibiotics as compared to earlier dosage, that too without much effect.

With antibiotics, we are sitting on a ticking time bomb! Besides, antibiotics cause a lot of damage to the cells of the body and retard the rate of growth in the child. It is always better to try a natural solution before resorting to antibiotics.

Nebulizers also are not completely innocent. Albuterol drops, the most established decongestant used in nebulizers, has its own side effects on the sensitive respiratory system of the baby. Albuterol has a hoard of possible side effects like nausea, headache, vomiting, cough, throat irritation and muscle pain. The worst thing is that the baby won’t be able to convey that he is suffering from any of these!

Albuterol also leads to over-stimulation of the body metabolism and possible weight loss. Frequent use of nebulizers can be completely contrary to the baby’s growth objectives.

So, What is the solution for a baby’s crying and worried parents ?. There are natural options available for Baby care.

Besides, natural health solution not only cure congestive disorders, colic, cold, cough, etc. They can also help to prevent them. So the baby doesn’t have to fall sick at all keep staying healthy and happy! One of these solutions is the baby bib.

Baby bib is a completely natural solution derived from the ancient art of bringing up healthy and happy kids naturally. It is a one-stop solution for multiple baby problems. Here are some of the ways it can be used for various disorders in babies.

Congestion one of the main concerns

bib for babies cold and cough

Congestion is the worst problem that a baby can face. In a congested respiratory pathway, the mucus gets drier and stiffer. Therefore, the natural de-congesting system of the respiratory pathway – the villi, is not able to remove it. Here, there is a combined effect of deranged Vata and Kapha.

Kapha increases the density of the mucus and Vata dries it up. Both Vata and Kapha have the quality of being cold in temperament. And therefore, there is only one way to remove the effect of both kapha and vata – to heat the chest up.

It is conventional practice to apply a warm compress to the baby’s chest, in order to de-solidify the stuck mucus and help it to get drained through the respiratory pathway. But the effect of warmth can be enhanced by the aroma and touch of some vata and kapha pacifying herbs.

Baby bib contains Ajwain and flaxseeds. Both the herbs have a balancing effect on both vata and kapha. This helps to enhance the effect of warmth provided by the baby bib. The strong aroma of ajwain and flaxseed produce an effect equivalent to a nebulizer and help to decongest the respiratory pathways. Besides, the baby immediately feels a soothing motherly touch by the warm baby bib!

Stuffy nose a common problem with new born

Ajwain is a well known decongestant in Ayurveda. It is very frequently used in kapha and vata disorders due to its warm and sharp action. Fumes from the heated baby bib help to dilate the blood vessels of the nasal passage and helps to increase the heat available to the inner nasal lining. Thus the mucus melts like the way butter melts on a heated pan.

As no part in the face should be heated directly according to Ayurveda, except the forehead, baby bib provides additional heat to the chest region, which gets safely transferred to the nasal lining and accelerate the process of de-congestion.

It is important that one nasal opening is opened at a time. Baby bib works faster to de-congest a stuffy nose if the baby is tilted in one direction at one time.

The right side of the nostril is considered to be a stimulator of Suryanadi (surya means sun), which is supposed to stimulate the metabolism and increase the production of heat in the body. Therefore, if both the nasal openings are congested at the same time, you should apply the baby bib and turn the baby towards its left so that the right nostril is on the upper side.

Right nostril will open faster than the left one (Chandra Nadi). This is s because breathing through the left nostril stimulates the parasympathetic system and reduces the rate of metabolism, and thus the rate of heat production as well.

Thus, the baby bib can provide relief from the stuffy nose without side effects of harmful chemicals.

Common cold & cough

treat cough in baby

Common cold happens when Kapha gets increased beyond its natural limits and it encroaches the metabolic boundary of vata and pitta. Sometimes, when vata and pitta are also vitiated, there are complicated symptoms like congestion, problem in breathing, throat pain, and fever. For the chronic or complicated common cold, it is best to consult a qualified Ayurveda physician.

In case, there is no congestion or stuffy nose, the baby bib can help to accelerate the rate of recovery from a common cold. It can also help to prevent the aggravation and complications of the common cold. It is old sayings “feed a cold and starve a fever”. It is true because more food intake increases heat production in the body and helps to alleviate the common cold.

But this experiment can go wrong if the baby is suffering from indigestion. More food will tax the digestive system of the baby and produce disease aggravating factors. Use of baby bib here will produce the most crucial effect of heating up the chest region without any extra burden on the metabolism. This helps to reduce the effect of cold and accurate recovery.

Cough: Cough occurs in order to clear obstructions and irritants from the breathing pathway and enable smooth breathing.

Common cold causes a lot of mucus that gets stuck in the respiratory pathway. This mucus might occasionally drip inside the windpipe. In order to remove this mucus, the baby coughs. This might also lead to a coughing spell if there is a lot of undrained mucus in the naso-phryngeal passage and sinuses.

Cough can be the most irritating kapha disorder for a baby. It normally occurs after the common cold and most of its symptoms have subsided. The most problematic aspect of cough is that it might take a longer time to gets cured completely. Sometimes the baby might not be able to sleep properly because of spells of cough.

Choose Omved Baby Bib

baby bib compress


Baby bib safely warms the chest of the baby. This warmth gets transferred to the regions above the chest and lead to gradual drainage of mucus into the alimentary canal for final disposal. If the Baby bib is applied from the very onset of the cold, it can help to prevent the resulting cough completely, as it will ensure unhindered and constant removal of excess mucus. Thus there will not no build-up of cough-causing mucus at all.

In case, the baby has already developed a lot of congestion and cough or if it is suffering from chronic cough, regular use of Baby bib is extremely useful

Note: It is important to remember that natural and Ayurvedic remedies are no quick-fixes. They take their own sweet time to produce ever-lasting results. If your baby has a cold, cough or severe congestion, you must use baby bib periodically in order to see real-time improvement. Using it for stomach ache or any disorder will not produce an immediate effect.

Therefore in case of severe cold, cough, congestion and all Kapha related problems, you must apply baby bib continuously. And continuously means continuously. It might mean heating the bib to a mildly warm temperature and applying it 15-20 times in one hour and to continue the process for 60-90 min at a time.

But this hard work will protect your baby from the harmful effects of chemical based medicines. So I must say that it is completely worth doing.

All the above problems were Kapha dominant problems. Baby bib can help you solve a lot of vata related problems as well.

Stomach ache or colic – Most, unfortunately, babies are not able to articulate there problem. So when a baby cries, it can be a stomach ache, congestion, stuffy nose or even simple hunger or thirst. I remember once when I was a baby, I cried for quite some time before someone reminded my mom that I might be thirsty, and I was. Now, when a baby is well fed with food and water, it becomes difficult to diagnose the real cause of crying. However, most of the time it is pain, and pain is the defining factor for a Vata disorder. External warmth is an easiest, safest and most direct resistance to the increased Vata. Here, baby bib comes into the picture.

One tsp ajwain with a pinch of black salt is the most common remedy for any kind of stomach ache. But we cannot feed it to a baby. Besides, baby’s digestive system does not need such a heavy dose of herbs most of the time.  Here, baby bib not only provides controlled external warmth to the baby’s stomach but also the Vata diminishing effect of ajwain and flaxseed to the stomach in a hassle-free manner.

It is important to monitor the mother’s food if the baby is suffering from terrible colic.

Following food are strict No for feeding mother for at least 6 months in order to prevent colic in the breastfed babies.

  1. Alcohol (any kind)
  2. Brinjal//Eggplant
  3. Cabbage
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Lettuce
  6. Broccoli
  7. Green Peas
  8. Green vegetables like spinach, amaranth, dill etc.
  9. Tamarind
  10. Vinegar
  11. Soya sauce
  12. Acidic/ sour food
  13. Too salty food
  14. Junk food

Apart from the above list, the mother should not eat anything she despises.

  • She should have simple, less spicy food.
  • She should have lots of milk and other natural calcium supplements like ragi, jowar, banana, dry fruits like almonds, cashew etc.
  • The family must ensure that the breastfeeding mother is healthy and happy.
  • She should do mild exercise and enjoy a warm massage every day for at least 3 months in order to get back in shape.

In the case of severe bloating, stomach-pain or any disorder related to digestion, add a pinch of roasted asafoetida in mother’s milk or normal A2 cow milk and feed it to the baby.

You can mix a little amount of organic brown sugar in order to make it more palatable. Also, rub a small amount of this milk(without sugar) on the tips of the toes and on the naval. Wash off with warm water after 30 min. After that, apply warm baby bib for 30-60 min continuously for complete relief.

Vomiting: Normally, babies do not have a very good reflex for burping after food. Therefore, generally, the gas gets stuck in their alimentary canal after feeding. Unfortunately, this gas comes out by pushing the food also outside along with it. That’s why it is advised to burp the babies before lying them back after feeding.

If the gas is not removed via a proper burp, it might result in vomiting and all the dearly fed food with be out of the baby’s stomach. Babies who vomit frequently lose their natural appetite and tend to grow at a slow rate. They might also turn more cranky. Therefore, it is imperative to have a good baby burp after feeding!

However, many babies take a long time to burp after feeding. It might take awfully, for example anywhere from 5 min to 30 mins for a baby to have a proper burp. The baby bib can help to save this time for the busy parent. Apply a mildly warm baby bib on the chest of the baby and carry him on your bent on your shoulders for some time. It can also be applied on the stomach is the baby is prone to frequent cramps after the digestion of the food.

The warmth from Baby bib will help the gas to move up fast and get expelled from the mouth. It will also help to maintain the optimal digestive temperature and thus accelerate the rate of digestion. And as good digestion is the key to a great hunger and thereby the excellent rate of physical and mental growth, the Baby bib is one of the must-have product for all homes with babies.

OMVED Baby bib is made from 100% cotton, easy to clean, wash, made from cotton available online on cash on delivery.


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