How to Purify Homes with Dhoop

Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to purify your living spaces. In the olden days, it was a ritual to purify homes with dhoop. Dhoops have been long used to cleanse the surroundings from any lingering negative energies and purify the air to welcome an abundance of pure and positive energies.

Whether it is to usher in auspicious beginnings, cleanse the air of unhealthy airborne micro-organisms, invoke a spirit of divinity or just make your home completely bug and insect free naturally, we have a selection of specially hand-made dhoops for every occasion.

Let’s have a look at some of the commonly used ingredients in our range of dhoops. We’ve also listed the reasons why we use it and also the subtle benefits that come with them. Let’s get ready to purify homes with dhoop, specially in this season of festivities.



how purify homes with dhoop (Sandlewood)

Sandalwood paste and powder are extracted from the trunk of sandalwood tree.  It is the most common cleansing fragrance that is used in a variety of incense.

A highly prized ingredient, sandalwood rightfully enjoys the position of celebratory element in our traditions. As they say, there is nothing better than sandalwood to usher in auspicious beginnings. We’ve listed some of the benefits of sandalwood when used in our dhoops:

  • since it is woody, it burns quickly and the warm and smoky fragrance lingers for a long time after it is burnt.
  • sandalwood is known to alleviate the mood and when used as a part of aromatherapy, it helps to promote relaxation.
  • sandalwood is known to have the power to attract the positive universal energy and when burnt, it would usher in auspiciousness and ensure an obstacle-free celebration.

To heighten your celebrations and add zest to them with sandalwood, you can choose from our vibrant range of natural and non-toxic products such as Faith dhoop incense powders, Sandalwood ayurvedic incense sticks or even our Celebrate soy wax candles which work beautifully to spread joy, and purify your home.



purify home air with dhoop

Frankincense has a special mention in the texts of Ayurveda. Often used in aromatherapy, it also offers a variety of health benefits; ranging from relieving anxiety, boosting immunity, inducing a sense of calm and also working as an excellent disinfectant.

Frankincense is widely used in our range of aromatherapy products. Agarbattis or incense sticks, incense cones, and dhoops when combined with frankincense work magically in many ways. We’ve listed some of the benefits of frankincense when used in our dhoops:

  • the smoldering smoke from the dhoop works as an antiseptic and disinfectant.
  • the lingering fragrance helps to cleanse the air of unhealthy airborne micro-organisms.
  • the tranquil fragrance is also known to induce a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Besides, all our dhoop powders such as Celebrate, Purify, Faith, Protect and Repel, Frankincense is also a vital ingredient in Focus ayurvedic incense sticks or agarbattis. Frankincense is a wonderful herb that is also known to invoke a feeling of divinity as its fragrance spreads in your living areas. It is advisable to burn dhoops on a regular basis to cleanse and purify the air in your home.


home remedies for air purification

Made from resin obtained from tree barks, myrrh when burnt on hot embers releases a smoky & sweet fragrance. It has been used for thousands of years in traditional healing therapies and also in religious and auspicious ceremonies.

Myrrh, like most of the ingredients in our range of dhoops is used to cleanse the air and promote a sense of happiness and joy. We’ve listed some of the benefits of myrrh when used in our dhoops:

  • the fragrance invokes a sense of devotion that is traditionally used to support or enhance times of prayer.
  • it supports meditation because the fragrances helps to improve focus and concentration levels.
  • it helps to cleanse the air which in turn promotes a cleaner air to breathe.

Myrrh is another powerful ingredient that is known to deepen meditation and spiritual practice. 

Natural remedies for air purification

Omved’s range of dhoops use pure and therapeutic grade essential oils and herbs because they contain a great quantity of prana, the vital cosmic energy that purifies and open the subtle channels providing energy to all levels of the body with the maximum vitality and effectiveness.


Faith Dhoop

Celebrate DhoopRepel Mashaka DhoopProtect DhoopPurify Shuddhi Dhoop

How we make our dhoops

Omved dhoops; loose incense blends, are made from 100% organic ingredients and are blended strictly following the Panchamahabhoot (the five elements) principle of Ayurveda. Each blend is thus a complex aromatic blend of – seeds and fruits representing Ether, stems & branches representing Water, roots representing Earth, flowers and buds representing Fire, and leaves representing Air.

OMVED’s range of dhoop samplers, dhoop blends, dhoopdans and kits make it easy to transform your home into an enchanted sanctuary of peace and spirituality. So which one of these dhoops are you buying today?

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