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When was the last time you took some time off for yourself? When was the last time that you chose to connect with yourself? When was the last time you spent some time collecting your thoughts and listening to your inner voice? When was the last time that you listened to your breathing and became aware of it? When was the last time that you calmed your mind and chose to meditate?

With the hectic lifestyle that we follow it becomes difficult for us to connect with ourselves and we resort to techniques that help us calm and relax. Meditation is one such technique that is fast gaining and there are experts promoting various methods of this ancient practice.

One form of meditation that is slowly gaining interest is Meditation with Colours. Colour Therapy believes in the healing power of colours. This is based on the fact that colour is nothing but energy from light, which can be used as an external source to balance our body’s internal energies.

Meditation using colours is strongly based on the association of colours with the chakras of our body. Each one of the seven chakras is associated with a colour of the rainbow. Any instability in our emotional or spiritual balance is because of a certain chakra being blocked, and meditation using the corresponding colour can help in opening it up.

Colour plays an important role in healing in many ways. You can use colour to open the chakras through the medium of clothes, letting the body absorb the energy of the colour being worn. Meditation with colour offers a pure form of colour therapy, where all the chaos around us is blocked out, enabling us to isolate ourselves with the required colour.

Are you ready to meditate with colours? Here is how you can do it:

What’s blocking you?

More often than not a blocked chakra can create an imbalance in your body. Identify the blocked chakra. One way to do this would be to think about what is affecting your emotional health – anxiety, stress, lack of confidence etc. and then find the related chakra and its corresponding colour. Did you know that more often than not, the colour we’re drawn to at that particular time is the one that is going to help us heal?

How to start

Find a peaceful place without distractions. Switch off your electronic devices and be around silence. Early mornings work the best because your body has rested with the sleep the previous night and your mind and concentration levels are at optimum levels.

Wear the colour that you are attracted to or place a meditation cushion or sheet of the same colour under you. Close your eyes and begin to visualize your colour. It is recommended to visualize an image of a part of nature, something with a positive connection. Here are some examples, one for each colour:

    1. Red – setting sun
    2. Orange – Rising sun
    3. Yellow – Daffodils
    4. Green – Fields
    5. Blue – Clear sky
    6. Indigo – Berries
    7. Violet – Pansies or Crocuses

Now imagine that you are inhaling the colour and let is spread in your body till it reaches the desired chakra you wish to unblock. Imagine and feel that the colour is spreading through the chakra till you feel the area around the chakra getting warm.  Imagine that the chakra is now opening with the colour spreading. Now focus on the colour and relax. Believe that the colour has opened the blocked chakra. ‘Exhale’ the colour and inhale white light that you imagine is filling in your body. Note that it is recommended to focus on one chakra for a single meditation session. Some experts can attempt a full body meditation with one chakra at a time, starting from the Root Chakra (Red) to the Crown Chakra (Violet).

When you practise colour meditation regularly, you become more aware of the intensity of colour. Also, as with other types of meditation, you become more adept at isolating yourself and soon, you are able to meditate at any time, any place. Frequent practice will restore balance in all your chakras and keep you calm, positive and ready to lead a happy, productive life.

When you start off with the practise of colour meditation, ensure that you choose a time when you are least stressed or busy. The energies of colour are very subtle, so you will need absolute concentration to let the benefits of colour meditation work for you.

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