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With summer setting in, it is important to let your body be in balance. With the heat outside, you need to focus on ways to keep your body cool – mentally and physically. Physically we experience a lot of fatigue because of the heat. Apart from keeping yourself hydrated, you will also need some quick tips that has been long recommended by Ayurveda to keep your body cool during summers.

We’ve talked a lot about how to handle summers in our previous posts and in this post we list 3 ways to help you beat the summer heat and keep your body cool during summers. Ready to know more?

1. Eat What is Good for Your Body

Summer tends to increase the heat levels in the body and the last thing that you want is to eat spicy food and rev up the heat levels. You need to eat the right types of foods and also drink a lot of fluids to keep your body cool to combat the summer heat.

Avoid: Foods that are high on spice levels like curries and hot peppers. Limit your intake of excessive salty food as it can dehydrate your skin and cause breakouts. Sour foods can cause too much heat. It is best to avoid foods like cheese and sour cream. Use limited amount of onions, tomatoes, peppers, ginger and spinach in your food. Tone down the spices and use as less as you can.

What to eat: Opt for sweet, bitter or astringent foods because these are cooling for your body. Include warm milk, butter and ghee in your diet. Use the oils of olive, sunflower and coconut for cooking your food as it works wonderfully to control your body heat. Eat lots of fruit! Include ripe fruits like grapes, pineapples, plums and mangoes in your diet as these are perfect cooling foods.  Opt for green leafy veggies and those that are high in water content like zucchini and cucumbers. It is important  to know what to eat on summer days.

Now that you know what to eat, it is also important to eat at the right time and not skip meals! And yes, lets break one myth, you don’t need ice in your drinks to cool your body. Drink water at room temperature to keep yourself hydrated for longer intervals.

2. Some Workouts are a Must!

Because it is hot is no reason to stop exercising. You can choose to workout when it is relatively cooler in summer. Early morning and early evenings are the best time to choose for a work out in the summer. Opt for lighter exercises like yoga or walking. Swimming is another form of exercise that helps to tone your whole body, so if you do have an access to a clean pool, make a splash! Walking early in the morning or evening can also help you connect with the nature and yourself.

Well, what else can you do? Participate in the summer contest online with Omved!

How to keep your body cool during summers contest

These were some of the tips that we could think of to keep your body cool this summer. We are sure there are more ways that we aren’t aware of! Do you have any of your favourite ways and tips that you can share with us? Go ahead and participate in the how to keep your body cool this summer contest and share your favourite tips and hacks with us on this post. Use the #coolitthissummer hashtag when you answer in the social media.

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  1. Dear team, Thank you for an amazing contest.
    My favorite way to keep me cool this summer is to Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated in scorching heat and drink summer drinks like lemon juice, water melon juice, mango juice made at home to chill myself 🙂 #Coolitthissummer

    I DO SWIMMING.. IT MAKES ME FRESH AND SOME.exercise also… I drink juice.and cocnut water and sugarcane juice is my fav . In summer we have a best fruit available..Mango.. we cosume everyday.. that keeps stomach probs away and keeps body cool from.inside.. avoid going out in heat.. Hope 2 win this time..

  3. In summers I totally avoid chilled water and like to drink water from mud pots. Usually I keep on sipping am panna or nimbu pani to keep myself hydrated and energetic. I avoud aerated drinks all around the year. Once in a while I also like to eat ice cream during summers. Wish to win amazing Omved goodies… Thank you for giving us a chance to share our tips

  4. I will keep myself cool by eating fruits rich in water content like watermelon. Will make fruit pops which is better than those sugar rich icecreams.Will do workout early in the morning or evening walks.Will avoid going out in peak sun hours.Will use sunscreen n scarf to protect my face from sun damage.

  5. My way to keep my body cool is eatng watermelon
    Drinking wood apple squash its very effective in summer and Coconut water and lassi too.

  6. #Coolitthissummer its important to keep cool internally taking a cup of curd twice a day mixed with a pinch of cardamon (elaichi) keeps the body hydrated internally one will not feel thirsty very often. Drinking kokam sherbet mixed with
    fresh lemons keeps one fresh and
    Appling Alove vera gel keeps ones skin hydrated and free from excess oil.

  7. During Summers , I consume 2/3 litres of water per day so as to keep myself hydrated and prevent dehydrations and UTIs. For prickly heat , I use make a paste using Neem powder + Rosewater and apply it on my skin to cool my skin organically.

    I use light-colored bed linens made of lightweight cotton that are breathable & good for ventilation .
    At night we use loose, soft cotton night clothes to prevent sweating.

    Since there are many power cuts in my area , we have an inverter that can run a table-fan , so I position a bowl full of ice in front of a table fan. The breeze picks up cold water from the ice’s surface as it melts, creating a cooling mist.

    Cold showers during summer time washes away the sweat and makes us feel cool and clean.
    We also use minimal electricity as llight bulbs (even environmentally-friendly CFLs) give off heat. So we take advantage of natural light as much as possible, and keep rooms cool after dark by using lights minimally. This also saves electricity.

    During power cuts , we cool down a whole room by hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window. The breeze blowing in quickly brings down the room’s temperature.

  8. #coolitthissummer
    1-Stay covered
    2-Drink water after every 15 minutes
    3-Rest during day time
    4-Mix up your frozen treats
    5-Wear light coloured and right fabric
    6-Avoid hot meals. Eat smaller meals with lighter fare.
    7-Stick sheets in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before bed
    8-Freeze water bottles overnight to have them cool while you’re out the next day.
    9-Don’t spend too much time in the sun as this will cause you to faint.
    10-take bath twice or thrice with cold water in a day

  9. #coolitthissummer I keep cool by having meals at proper times and include more of fresh fruits and vegetables, fruits such as papaya, watermelon, cantaloupe etc, The best way to cool is to keep the mind under control as the body reflects what’s there in the mind. So meditation, music, nature trail all help me to unwind and keep cool. I also have more of probiotics

  10. #Coolotthossummer I keep cool this summer by keeping myself hydrated by drinking lots of water and fresh orange juice to

  11. #Coolitthissummer I remain ccol during the entire summer by drinking adequate amount of water and fresh orange juice and fresh fuits and veggies to compensate for all the loss of vitamins and nutrients that happens due to excessive heat .I make sure to apply homemade aloe cucumber gel to treat all the sunburn during summers and to beat the heat I prefer using been,sandalwood and multani mitti face pack once a week .even though its so hot and humid but I don’t opt for ACs all the time and open all the windows instead for fresh air and cross ventilation and I have now ditch to eco friendly bulbs as well to minimise the use of electricity and one thing that we tend to ignore during summers is hair care,we forgot that like skin UV rays causes damage to the hair strands as well so before steeping out in the sun I apply homemade aloebra rosemary cream and opt for hair spa with moved hibiscus hair pack.

  12. some tips to keep our body cool is to often have lot of water,consume water melon,tender coconut to enjoy summer cool.visiting beaches and theme park also makes our body mentally and physically cool during summer.#Coolitthissummer Omved


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