5 ways to beat the summer heat


Looking at easy ways to stay cool for the summer? This post should be on your bookmark list then! The summer heat can play havoc with our skin and hair and can also cause a lot of dehydration. It is very important to know how to take care of your body in summer to avoid any illness that comes with the summer heat.

We have shared 5 ways to beat the summer heat this season. These are some easy ways that can help to keep you cool this summer. These simple tips to follow are not too expensive on the pocket and the best part is that these are clean and green ways to stay cool this summer.

5 ways to beat the summer heat

Keep your body hydrated

Applicable not just for the summers, but also all year round! Keep yourself hydrated at all times. This one is applicable all year around and not just the summers. While water is the best option, you can also have other cooling drinks to replenish the salts that the body loses through sweating. Popular summer drinks include coconut water, spiced or sweetened buttermilk, sugarcane juice, lemonade and fresh fruit juices. This is the time to steer clear of caffeinated and alcoholic drinks as these are dehydrating and affect your mood as well. If you are looking for some cool summer drinks that are easy to make, read this post on our blog as well.

Eat the right foods

When you eating cooling foods, it helps to reduce the body heat. Include fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content because these will help to keep your body hydrated. Make some quick and nutritious meals for yourself. Stir fry a few vegetables with a drizzle of olive oil to make a nutritious salad or toss in some melons for a cooling salad.  Melons are cooling fruits that you can eat in the summer. Other foods include yoghurt, cucumber, bananas, ginger, mint and spinach. Fresh fruit juices can be frozen into fruit pops for children. Ayurveda recommends that in the summer it is best to avoid spicy food and heavy, oily meals as they raise the body’s internal temperature.

Exercise Early

Vigorous exercise raises the body temperature in a short time and can take a while to cool down. Doing so during peak summer in the day time can lead to dangerous results like heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. Plan your workouts during the early mornings so that your body can stay cool for the summer. Late in the evenings is a good time to exercise too. Exercising at cool times allows your body to cool down easily and you can avoid extreme internal temperature shifts.

Practice some Yoga

There are several yoga poses that serve to cool the body and mind like the Shavasana, Balasana or the Viparita Karani. In addition to these, Sitali Pranayama or cooling yoga breath is recommended in summer as it is believed to draw the cool air in and blow the hot air out, acting like a mini body air conditioner. The other benefits of yoga include that it helps to calm the mind and reduce the stress levels too. You can read some of our other articles on yoga too on the blog.

Stay at Home in the peak hours

The sun’s rays are at their strongest between 10 AM and 4 PM? And needless to say, the most harmful at these times too. Try to be indoors at during this time and plan your outdoor activities such that they are accomplished before or after this time period. Protect yourself when you step out of the house. Use a liberal amount of sunscreen and reapply if you are out for longer duration. Use a hat or a scarf or an umbrella to protect your skin and hair when you are stepping out. Spritz some healing face or hair spray mists on your face and hair at regular intervals to keep it hydrated and nourished.

All said and done, do try your best to use natural methods to reduce your carbon footprint. Stay green and stay cool this summer!! Do you have a tip to keep yourself cool this summer? Share it with us.

5 ways to beat the summer heat

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