Home remedies to get rid of the sniffles


In our last post, we talked about 5 easy ways to keep the cold and cough at bay. With the onset of monsoon it is common for the immunity levels to get low and the body is more susceptible to an infection or an illness.

We’ve listed five more remedies that will not just help you get rid of the illnesses in an easy and effective way but also ensure that you would need to skip taking OTC medications as well. Colds and coughs are easily curable and can be treated at home before they turn into full blown infections. These effective ways can help you combat a cough and cold in the monsoon season.

6. Use a Saline Nasal Spray

You don’t need to buy a nasal spray, it’s easy to make at home. Just fill a small spray bottle with ¼ tsp salt, ¼ tsp baking soda and 240 ml of water, and attach a small spray nozzle. Bend your head forwards over a basin, close one nostril with your finger and spray the salt mix into the other nostril. Wait for it to drain and repeat on the other side. This is wonderful remedy of you want to decongest your nose. Performing jalneti is another option that you can consider. Jan neto has been one of the most preferred alternatives for clearing sinuses.

7. Include Pepper in your diet

Along with turmeric, pepper also has quite a few healing properties according to Ayurveda. A pinch of pepper and rock salt mixed in warm water is said to reduce cough and even provides some relief from cold. Adding pepper to tea is another way to get the benefits of this spice.

8. Eat Garlic

Did you know that garlic has several antibiotic and antiviral properties, but more importantly, it’s an expectorant and helps to ease up a bad cough. Though eating it raw is best, it also works in soups and other foods.

9. Drink turmeric milk

Yes, our grandmothers recommended it and so did our moms. A pinch of turmeric added to a glass of hot milk is known to work wonders to cure that sore throat and provide relief. Turmeric is truly a wonder spice and it has many benefits beyond cooking. Adding turmeric to hot milk is a great way of relieving symptoms of common cold, thanks to its anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

10. Rest

Last but not least, take adequate rest since your body is weak and needs to recover. Take a day off and sleep so that you can rest your tired body. It is advisable to stay away from work and relax. Light some aromatic candles or pour some decongesting and relaxing essential oils in a diffuser and light it so that you can relax the tires body and also calm the mind. It is important to let your body and mind relax, so that both are refreshed and energized.

These remedies, though simple, are extremely effective and have strong roots in Ayurveda. They offer alternatives that are more eco friendly and cost effective than rushing to a chemist and getting OTC medications, which are also responsible for the current slew of super bugs. Stay safe and healthy the natural way, and enjoy the monsoon in all its glory!

NOTE: Most of the illnesses are easy to treat at home helping you skip that visit to the doctor, unless the condition is very severe. In these circumstances, it is important that you visit a local physician and take treatment accordingly.

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