Healthy diet for winters


This winter make a choice to be blessed with clear and radiant skin. A clear and radiant skin, looking beautiful is not just the result of a beauty regime that you have been following regularly. A healthy skin along with a healthy body can also be got when you have the right diet incorporated in your lifestyle. Eat right, stay fit and look beautiful. There are lots of food choices that you should include in your diet to lead a healthy life. Get ready to look a beautiful you with the right diet in winter!

Wake up with cup of hot tea

It is a task to get out of the cosy comfort of the bed and the comforters on a winter morning. What you need is a cup of hot herbal tea that is good for you and your health. In fact it is one of the perfect ways to kick-start your day. It keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Break the fast – the healthy way

Especially in the winters you need to eat something hot to keep the body warm. Cereals with hot milk, a bowl of hot oats or porridge, steamed idlis, dhoklas, fresh cakes and buns, and poha are some of the healthy options that you can choose to eat for your breakfast. All these are not just filling, but also nutritious and healthy for you. Eat a handful of dry fruit trail to give the required warmth to your body at regular intervals. Include flaxseeds in the diet because it is known to aid in digestion and is also rich in fibre.

Snack on healthy food

Yes, we know the plate of crispy pakodas and sweet ginger tea is refreshing for the soul, but it is not the right thing to eat for your health. Opt for a bowl of boiled veggies or a bowl of hot soup that is not just filling but also healthy. Eat at least one fruit every day to keep all the illnesses at bay. Oranges, one of the fruits of the season is rich in Vitamin C that keeps the flu, cough and cold at bay. These fruits also help you build immunity against viral infections.

Keep yourself hydrated

The winter season tends to make your skin dry and lose all moisture. This is one of the reasons why you have dry, itchy and flaky skin and chapped lips. Consume at least 6 – 8 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated. Add variations to the water intake, a bowl of soup, a glass of fresh fruit juice are healthy and also contribute to the water intake to keep you hydrated.

Cooking food the right way

When you use warming spices in your food, it will help to keep your body warm and build up the immunity levels. Spices like cinnamon, clove, ginger and garlic are good to include in the diets in winter.

It is important to eat the right food in the winters that helps you not just keep the body warm, but also is a healthy option that keeps all illness at bay. Do you have a favourite winter food? Tell us what it is and we’ll share it in our social medias. Write to us at

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