Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Teas


Ayurvedic Teas are carefully crafted teas that are free from caffeine. Most teas are made with ingredients that can help to balance the doshas to keep the body in balance and harmony. There are some amazing health benefits of Ayurvedic teas when consumed regularly.

Health Benefits of Ayurvedic teas

Whether it to boost your immunity or heal an ailment, there are amazing health benefits of ayurvedic teas. While you can brew your own Ayurvedic teas also, you can also opt for teas that have been custom made for certain ailments. These teas contain specific herbs and ingredients in the right proportion that can help to combat health issues.

We have listed 4 health benefits of ayurvedic teas. There are more than these just four, because with every sip, you are ensuring good health and better immunity!

Helps to Build Resistance

Most Ayurvedic teas contain specific herbs and ingredients that help to reduce the intensity of an ailment and boost your immunity. Ayurvedic teas are also rich in VitC, polyphenols, and carotenoids. These help to fight infections in your body thus reducing the chance of an illness while also boosting your immunity levels.

Decreases the Chances of a Heart Disease

Ayurvedic teas can help to reduce the levels of cholesterol and also control the levels of blood sugar. This ensures better metabolism and good heart health. Studies have shown that people who switched over to green or Ayurvedic teas had an increased rate of metabolism and showed better immunity levels thus lowering the risk of a heart disease. Switch over to a cup of green tea because it really is better for your health. There are specific teas like the Kshaam tea from Omved that also aids in weight loss ensuring a better heart life.

Helps with Cognitive Thinking

Studies have shown that green tea or Ayurvedic tea can help repair brain cells because of the polyphenol that is in it. With better cognitive abilities, one can better their cognitive abilities and think better. It certainly does more than keeping sleep at bay!

Promotes Better Oral Hygiene

The anti microbial properties in Ayurvedic teas help to promote better oral hygiene which ensures less cavities. It helps to eradicate plaque that leads to the formation of cavities. Try to avoid adding sugar in the tea, instead opt to drink it in the natural flavours or add stevia, a natural sweetener that won’t cause damage to your teeth.

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