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Did you know a few twists and turns of your fingers and thumbs can guarantee you wellness? Different combinations of ‘finger yoga’ can ease ailments ranging from migraines to depression to insomnia? If you didn’t then it really is about time you understand and learn the art and science of Mudras!

The fast paced 21st century lifestyle does not allow us spare time for our health – to cure our ailments or prevent the progress of the many small health complaints into big disorders. Among the infinite ancient Vedic healing therapies, Mudra therapy is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective non-medical, preventive and healing solutions.

Mudras are various postures of fingers and thumbs when held in a particular ways for prescribed periods of time help you treat many disorders.

They work by regaining balance in your body, mind and soul. Ayurveda believes that the body and all living beings and nonliving things are nothing but energy. Thus dis-ease is nothing but discomfort in your body due to energy blockages, shortages or excesses. Mudras help by releasing obstructed energy through pressure applied to the fingers and thumb, which in turn puts pressure on the nerves creating neural or psycho-neural circuits.  


They can affect ones internal and external disposition by this balancing and redirecting of internal energies – eg

  • Mental – increase focus, willpower, memory, intelligence,
  • Emotional – induce calm, reduce anger,  ease depression
  • Physical – various ailments and inflictions
  • Spiritual – help in meditation, awakening cosmic energy 

Mudras are based on tattva yoga or the yoga (union) of elements. The Universe is composed of five elements, earth, air, water, fire, and ether. Similarly our body is also a union of five elements which is represented by our five fingers as mentioned below. Mudras help in energy flow balancing these elements in the body bringing it back to its natural state of wellness. 

  • Thumb (angusth)                      Fire (agni)
  • Index (tarjani)                           Air (vayu)
  • Middle (madhyama)                 Space (aakash)
  • Third (anamika)                        Earth (prithvi)
  • Little (kanishika)                       Water (jal)

Among its many benefits, the best thing about Mudra therapy is that you can practice Mudras at anytime, anywhere and practically under any circumstances. They can be done universally and by people of all ages. Mudras are quick since most can balance the body from a few seconds to within an hour. Mudra therapy is safe – no medication needed and also work like a thermostat – never creates extra energy but optimum energy needed. Best of all they are free – requiring no equipment of any sort.

The ideal way to perform Mudra therapy is by practicing 10 minutes per day and slowly extending it to thirty minutes to one hour per day.

Here are 10 common ailments of our modern life and some Mudras to ease the same.

1. Stress

Gyan Mudra – Join the tips of the index finger and thumb and keep the other 3 fingers stretched and joined.

Benefits – Helps in managing mental stress, Depression, Anger, and Problems associated with the brain. Increases Concentration and cures insomnia.

2. Indigestion

Agni/ Surya Mudra – Put the tip of ring finger at the base of thumb, with thumb gently pressing on it.

Benefits – Improves Digestion and helps in weight loss. Reduces Anxity and Bad Cholesterol.

3. Cardiac Problem 

Apana Vayu Mudra – This mudra is formed by Joining together the tips of thumb, middle & ring Fingers and applying the tip of index finger to the base of the Thumb.

Benefits – Helpful in case of various cardiac problems like heart attacks, High Blood pressure, Pain caused by blockages within the coronary arteries that nourish the heart.

4. Skin Problem

Varun mudra -Join the tip of the thumb and little finger

Benefits – Helps in skin problems like skin dryness, Skin disease and skin infections. Adds natural glow and luster to the skin keeping it moisturised

5. Cold and Cough

Ling Mudra – Interlock the fingers of both hands together. Keeping the left thumb up (encircled by right thumb and index finger) i.e. left thumb should be vertically straight and right thumb around it

Benefits – Produces heat in the body and helps in reducing Relieves severe cold and cough along with bronchial infections.

 6. Eye Problems

Prana Mudra – Join the tip of the thumb with tip of little and ring finger, keeping other two fingers straight.

Benefits – Improves eye power and Vision clarity. Improves immunity reducing fatigue and tiredness.

7. Ear Problems

Shunya Mudra – Press the middle finger on the base of the thumb and keep the thumb on middle finger. Keep the other three fingers straight.

Benefits – Cures earache and other ear problems

8. Bone Disorders

Vayu Mudra – Press the index finger on the base of thumb and keep the thumb on the index finger. Let the other fingers be straight.

Benefits – Reduces rheumatic and chest pain, helps to get rid of Arthritis and other bone diseases

9. Immunity Problem

Shankh Mudra – Keep the thumb of the right hand vertical and enfold it with the last four fingers of the left hand. Then touch the remaining four fingers of the right hand with the tip of the left thumb. This resembles Shank (conch) and hence the name.

 Benefits – Helps in improving overall immune system.

10. Weakness exhaustion and Dullness

Prithvi Mudra – Join the tip of the thumb and ring finger.

Benefits – Helps in good blood circulation, gaining weight, reduces weakness, exhaustion and dullness.

Still have doubts whether they work? Still believe it’s all in the mind? Well this time it’s in the fingers! Give Mudra healing a try, you have nothing absolutely to loose and an entire universe of health to gain

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