Health and fitness with Yoga


With the increasing number of hours that we spend at work, it often becomes difficult to have the luxury of time to indulge in exercise, despite the fact that it has a great impact on our health. If you do not have the time to go to the gym or indulge in some walking and running for better health, switch to yoga, that can be done at your home.

In the current era, Yoga has empowered over many other forms of work out in a large way. Yoga comes with loads of physical as well as mental benefits. Practising yoga regularly helps you stay active, strengthens your immunity, gives you a positive outlook, enhances your energy levels and keeps you physically fit.

We’ve listed a few reasons why you should start practicing yoga!

Keeps you fit and fine

Yoga offers the right physical and mental balance. When you practice yoga regularly, you promote a sense of calm and well-being. There are many kinds of asanas, breathing techniques taught in yoga that help you maintain that emotional balance along with physical health. Meditation, one of the key forms of yoga allows you to attain this stability.

Helps to relieve stress

Undoubtedly, the stress levels are at its highest in this competitive environment. Managing the stress at the office and the home front has taken its toll on many. When you practice yoga, you learn to calm your running trail of thoughts and think clearly. When you do this, you are letting go of the stress that you may have accumulated all through the day.

Promotes weight loss

Yes it does! Yoga can help you achieve this goal. There are numerous asanas that one can practice to promote a fit body. These asanas when practiced regularly can promote a fitter body. Eg, the Suryanamaskar is a combination of 12 asanas that works on all the parts of your body. Not only does it promote a healthy body, it also promotes a healthy mind.

Helps to strengthen immunity

Let’s accept it, the lower your immunity, the more susceptible you are to illnesses. Yoga practitioners believe that a body with low immune system is a house to many illnesses and diseases. Since yoga helps to keep you fit, it improves your immunity levels. Yoga helps improve this blood flow and gives a boost to the blood circulation system of our body.

Helps improve flexibility

It is only after you practice yoga that you realize how flexible your body can be! With the stretches and the asanas, your body gains the agility and flexibility that in turn helps to tone your body and the muscles.

Enhances Performance & Concentration

Yoga when practised regularly sends adrenaline rushing to your veins, here by increasing the blood flow. When this blood reaches our brains it leads to a better functioning and helps to enhance our performance levels. Yoga promotes better concentration because of the meditation techniques. Aspects of yoga like Meditation and Pranayam helps one increase his or her concentration power.

Yoga is not an exercise; it is a way of health. All you need to do is follow it regularly and dedicatedly to reap the results.

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