Handpicked gifts for Diwali



Diwali is the festival of lights and would it not be a better way to illuminate not just your life, but also of others with eco friendly gifts that are safe for everyone and also for the earth! Every year, at Omved, we create gifts that last beyond the festive season. Even for this Diwali, at Omved, we’ve carefully hand-picked a wide range of gifts that are traditional, vegan, green and fit all budgets!

Handpicked gifts for Diwali

This year, we showcase some of our best selling products that you can buy not just for yourself, but also gift it to spread some eco love!


Spread some light this Diwali with these colourful and beautiful votives that also double up as a aromatherapy. The calming essential oils of vetiver and sandalwood have been used for the pure soy candles in the votives. When lit, the votives will fill your home with a delightful fragrance that will freshen your festive season. This set of four votives is one of the fastest selling gifting items at our store.

Eco Diya Set 

Traditional diyas add an old world charm to your home. Omved eco diya sets have been specially designed to last much longer than commercially available diyas. The glass top helps the flame last longer by protecting it against the winds. The diyas can be cleaned and reused everyday during the festive season. They are exceptionally economical, safe and beautiful and will instantly bring an old charm to your place. Use it around a rangoli or urns, add it as a decoration with strings of flowers or just place it on windowsills or around the house. Another variation of diyas at the store are the traditional diyas packed with a bottle of scented oil that will not just illuminate your home but will also spread a calming fragrance.

Natural therapies for your hair and skin

If you want to indulge your loved one in some pampering, then choose from the variety of skin care and hair care products that are natural and organic in nature. Your skin will love these products! You can choose from the wide range of aromatherapy bath bars, to the SLS and paraben free shampoos and conditioners or the special Ayurvedic concoctions that have been specially created to pamper your tresses. Our wonderful products will ensure a complete and wholesome therapy that will last beyond the festivities.

Gifts for  home

There is nothing more beautiful that ushering in a feeling of positive energies. Omved has a wide range of traditional home and living products that have been specially hand crafted with traditional beading techniques. Each of the products are individually created and they add a beautiful traditional touch to your home. You can choose from a wide range of torans, windchimes, door and car hangers, key-chains and more as gifting items that will be used for years!

The list of gifts that you can choose at Omved is endless. These are just a few of our hand picked products. Shopping at Omved will introduce you to a wide variety of products – healing therapies for the expecting mom, natural products for the little one, healing tisanes that promote good health and healing aromatherapy products that will fill a calming fragrance in your life.

This year, choose natural products that  and tin candles to uplift your mood any time. This year, go green and indulge in organic and eco-friendly gifting. 

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