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Declared by most as the worst season for hair, the monsoons make hair most unmanageable. The excessive humidity levels, perspiration rate and drenching in the rain is a recipe for disaster for those precious tresses, making them making them frizzy, dull and limp. Further more the dust and grime in the air also brings in scalp problems like stickiness and dandruff, which leads to hair fall.

A few simple rules to maintain your crowning glory

Most pundits advise ‘never let your hair get wet in the rain Always protect with umbrellas or raincoats’. While this I am sure this is sound advice, I for one love getting wet in the rains, so my advice will be if hair gets wet in the rains, shampoo as soon as possible and dry thoroughly.Rain-borne pollution and dust and grime particles do settle on your scalp causing itchiness.

  • Do not tie-up wet hair as it can cause hair breakage.
  • Avoid styling products for hair, they increase the greasiness.
  • Keep haircut short and hairstyle simple and easy for increased manageability
  • Wash your hair regularly (you need more frequent washing in humid weather, maybe daily) with a mild natural shampoo,(use less shampoo and rinse well)followed by massaging a natural conditionerlightly into the hair.Apply on the ends too. Leave on for two minutes and rinse off with cool water. (tightens scalp pores and lessens frizz).
  • A natural rinse of 1 lemon juice and half a cup of rose water in a mug of warm water is an excellent age-old remedy for regaining hair shine, reducing grease, and keeping scalp clean and free of bad scalp odour due to sweat and oily secretions.
  • Massage once a week with warm Ayurvedic hair oils forincreasing blood circulation, shine and strengthand to keep dandruff and other scalp problems at bay.
  • A natural herbal hair pack must be applied to your tresses at least once a week for deep conditioning, toadd body and to maintain a healthy clean scalp.
  • Use a hair mist made with therapeutic essential oils to protect and give shine to the hair. A hair mist can be used all through the year.
  • Always use a wide tooth comb to detangle and comb your hair so that minimum damage is caused to your hair.

After having written all the precautions and tips to protect your skin and hair what is imperative to remember is to also enjoy the season.

Every season has its attractions – the beauty of summer is its heat and the beauty of the monsoons is its wetness. It’s the season for thirst quenching rains, swelling rivers, green outdoors, clean winds, water-playing children, romantic walks, the list seems endless.

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