4 hair care tips in winter you must follow


The winter is here! While its fun to enjoy the cold weather and drink umpteen cups of chai to keep you warm, it is also the time when you need to take the best care of your hair and skin. While we’ll tackle skin issues in another post, lets talk about the hair woes you may suffer in the winter.

4 hair care tips in winter you must follow

Fighting dandruff

Yes, winters do make the scalp go all flaky, itchy and dry. This is because there is less moisture in the air. The best way to combat the dryness is to use a nourishing hair oil that will nourish not just your scalp but also your tresses. You can choose a hair oil according to your hair type and apply it from the tips to ends of the hair. For best results, always warm the hair oil in a small copper vessel and apply it.

Shampoo and Condition

Leave the hair oil for at least 4 hours before you wash it with a natural shampoo and conditioner. Use very luke warm water when you are washing and conditioning your hair. Use a conditioner that is extra moistursing in the winters because the season tends to dry your hair. Opt for a natural range of shampoo and conditioners that are free from parabens and sulphates so that your hair gets the optimum nourishment.

Drying it right!

Yes, when you are crunched for time, it is typical that you reach out to your hair dryer, but honestly, this is just going to damage your hair. While we know that winters are a tad difficult to let your hair dry on its own, but as far as you can avoid using the dryer and air dry your hair. If you don’t dry your hair properly, it can lead to hair woes. Never tie up wet hair and don’t use those styling tools on your hair either. It’s going to make them brittle and drier.

Hydrate your hair often

The cold weather can dry out your hair more quickly so it is important to protect your hair from going all dry and frizzy. Use a hair mist that will protect your hair from the dry weather and promote healthy hair. A hair mist also helps to detangle and nourish dry and wispy hair. Keep it in handy wherever you go for glossy and fragrant hair.

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  1. These 4 hair care tips for the winter months are really helpful. Especially for women who have little time to focus on treating their hair. I like the point about “hydrate your hair often” as this can really benefit women when tackling the winter weather. Overall this is an impressive article that provides suitable advice.

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