Ground Your Root Chakra With Yoga



We’ve written about the amazing chakras in our previous posts. Chakras are also known as the spinning wheels of energy in our body. Each of the seven chakras reflects a part of our being and our consciousness that helps us live with mindfulness.

Blocked chakras often manifest in the form of physical and spiritual ailments. Muldhara – the base chakra or the root chakra is known to be the foundation of the entire system. Located at the base, near the perineum, its main functions are related to connection, survival and stability. When you experience feelings of unrelated fear or panic or feel sharp unexplained pains in your body or just a sense of disconnect, it means your root chakra is blocked or not balanced. You’ll definitely need to work on opening this chakra.

Yoga helps you to keep the chakras balanced and these easy yoga poses show how you can unblock the ground chakra. These asanas will help you to release the unwanted energies from the root chakra too.

Start off with relaxing your body completely. Perform at least five sun salutations or the suryanamskar. The suryanamakar is the perfect pose to warm up all the muscles of your body. You can read more about the benefits of the Suryanamaskar in our previous post.

Here are 3 asasnas that can help to ground your Root Chakra (Muldhara)

Tad Asana – The Tree Pose

Root chakra is about grounding and just like a tree that has its roots deep underground, the tadasana helps us to balance and relax our body and also allows us to be centred. Tadasana is one of poses that most yoga practitioners start off with as it also helps to align their body.

Performing the asana

Stand with your feet together and lift your toes. Spread your feet wide and place it back on the ground. Ensure that your legs are straight and firm. Relax your shoulders gently and tilt your head a bit so that you can see the sky. Bring your hands together so that the palms touch each other. Keep your hands in front of you and breathe deeply for at least a minute.

Apanasana – Free the energy Pose

Lie down comfortable and spread your legs. Inhale and exhale a few times to calm the mind and focus on your breath. Your back should be straight, yet relaxing.

Performing the asana

This is a knee-to-chest pose. Once you have relaxed, stretch out your hands and feet. Feel the stretch for a few seconds. Pull your right knee towards your chest. You need to feel your root chakra pressing against the ground. Make small circles in a clockwise direction with the raised knees. Count till ten. Repeat anti-clockwise. Switch you legs and repeat.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana – The Bridge Pose

Yoga Guru’s have always said that back-bends are energizing. These help relax the back and give the energy to battle a low life condition. Lie down on your back in the similar way as described in the asana above before you start.

Performing the asana

Lie on the back and raise it. Slowly move your feet close enough so that you can touch the backs of your ankles. Take a deep breath and lift your pelvis. Clasp your hands firmly against the ankles and roll your shoulders underneath to form the bridge pose.Stay in the pose for five breaths and lower your back very slowly. Coming down abruptly can cause an injury.

Our root chakra is connected to the element of earth. It is important to warm up with grounding exercises that involve the feet so that we feel the energy of the earth. Imagine that your feet are growing roots. Let your feet be firmly placed on the ground and as you inhale feel a sense of stability and support reaching out to you from the ground.Perform the asanas on a daily basis to keep the chakras balanced and opened. 


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