Green Parenting – Part 2



In our last post, we talked about 3 easy ways that can help you reduce the carbon foot print on the planet and also reduce the impact of the environmental hazards.

In this post, we will tell you about a few possible solutions that can help us reduce the impact on the environment. Yes, we need to be aware that as a parent, we are only setting an example for our kids that they can incorporate in their lifestyle as they grow up and be more aware and sensitive to the environment.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that you minimise wastage and live substantially.

Lighten the laundry

Limit your washing to not more than 3-4 times a week. While we are aware that with kids there is always an increased laundry, but of you could limit the washing, you are saving on overuse of water too. Ensure that you have a full load for the washing machine when you are set to wash the clothes. A lesser load will not just consume electricity but also excess water. Also use cold water when you wash the clothes to save the extra electricity consumption that is associated with hot water wash cycles. Clean the washing machine filter regularly to ensure your clothes are always clean.

Possible Solution: Always dry your clothes under the sun to get rid of any bacteria. Teach your kids to hang clothes that are not dirty so that it can be worn again later in the day or week.

Go pool!

If you live in a gated community, ensure a carpool that will allow the kids to travel together to a common place, whether it is a school swimming class or any other hobby class. You can also combine tasks to ensure there is fuel efficiency. Add a few tasks or errands that need to be completed on the way to ensure that you making the best use of being outdoors. If you are looking for some exercise, do try engaging your kids in cycling or going for a walk to complete the errands, Not only are these healthy options, but they ensure that you spend more time with the kids.

Possible Solution: There is one less vehicle on the road that is not contributing to the pollution or wasting petrol.

Make them aware

Once of the best ways to teach kids to be responsible about the planet is to ensure that they are aware of what the earth has to offer. Take the children in a hike, a nature trail or a picnic so that they are closer to nature. Teach them to be more aware of environmental issues and ask them to make their friends aware too.

Possible Solution: If your child feels closely for a particular cause, encourage them to take it up. You could start taking small steps in promoting the awareness by educating the children and their friends about the small things that help a greener and a cleaner planet.

As parents we need to know that material gifts are not the best things that we can give to our children. Making them conscious about the environmental hazards and letting them lessen the carbon footprints will be a gift that will make a better planet! Let us strive to preserve the earth for generations to come.

As a parent, what are the green tips that you follow to make your child more aware and conscious about the planet? Share your comments and let us know.

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