Gopika & Nadaka


Nadaka was born in Quebec and lived most of his life in India. His love and passion for Indian culture led him to study its music, learn different Indian instruments and styles.

He conceived and crafted a unique instrument of his own; a guitar specially designed to play the subtle tones of Indian music that he likes to call the “Geet-Taar” (singing strings).

Nadaka has toured with many acclaimed Indian musicians and has a number of successful albums to his credit. Inspired by Indian Ragas and rhythms, he carries us through his unique musical world that is both modern and rich in tradition.

Gopika was born in Mumbai, and grew up in an artistic environment mingling with many of India’s great artists and musicians.

Singer, painter, photographer, she progressively discovered a spiritual dimension within that led her to the Sri Aurobindo ashram and Auroville.

She studied Sanskrit mantras in their original ancient form at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai.

She teaches Vedic chanting, performs and offers regular workshops in India and other countries.

Her voice has a refined and soulful quality that reflects her seeking spirit.