Goodbye to water borne disease


With the onset of monsoons it is refreshing to see the parched earth refreshed and beautiful. The rains get water in abundance but it also comes with its own set of problems – the rise of water borne diseases. But did you know that water is not directly responsible for these diseases? It is the various microorganisms transmitted through the water that we use for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing etc is what gives rise to water borne disease.

Water borne diseases are mostly diarrheal in nature, which can cause severe dehydration that can be serious for children and fatal in infants. There are easy ways to combat the water borne disease and keep yourself healthy this monsoon. Follow these easy steps to stay. Here are 10 easy ways to stay free from water borne disease this monsoon.

Avoid swimming

Yes, we do love the swim in the summers but it is not recommended in the monsoon. Swimming in the monsoon makes you susceptible to disease and infections especially so if an infected person has used the same pool.

Some of the most common diseases transmitted via swimming are the M. Marinum infection and Otitis Externa. Did you know that if the water gets into your system either through your mouth or cuts on your skin, you will be vulnerable to other water borne diseases as well?

Be sure of what you eat

Raw foods like salads are not advised during the monsoon. If you do want to eat raw fruits ensure that you and peel them before consuming it. Avoid eating raw foods outside. Unclean raw foods can result in infections as serious as Hepatitis A.

Clean your hands often

This is something that you need to follow not just in the monsoon, but all year around. Wash your hands with warm water and an anti-bacterial soap to disinfect them completely. Keep a sanitizer in your bag for emergency purposes.

Drink the right water 

Contaminated drinking water is the number one source of water borne diseases like amoebiasis, botulism, cholera and several other water borne diseases. The first hing you need to do is ensure your water filter at home is serviced regularly so that they function properly. Stick to boiled and cooled water for infants and kids.

Eat food that is hot and covered

We’ve said that earlier that it is best to stick to fresh and cooked meals instead of raw fruits and vegetables in the monsoon. In case you are having leftovers, be sure to reheat them properly till they are piping hot, and always cover food that you’re saving for later, even when placing in the fridge. Uncovered food attracts flies that can cause Amoebiasis and Botulism.

Follow basic personal hygiene

Following basic hygiene goes a long way to keeping you healthy. Cut those nails, wash your hands and feet when you return home from outdoors and sanitizing the hands regularly can go a long way to keep you healthy.

Get rid of stagnant water

Stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects that promote the spread of microorganisms and cause water borne disease. Ensure you keep your surroundings clean of stagnant water because even a small amount of stagnant water can spread water borne infections.

Follow these precautions so that you can protect yourself and your family from any disease and infections. Enjoy the blessing of the monsoon showers without worrying about your health – follow these tips and you’ll be fine!

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