Getting rid of the sugar addiction


Most of us are compulsive sugar addicts. We love sugar in every form, that extra spoon of sugar in the tea or coffee. And no matter how health conscious we are, those sweet cravings come up once in a while. Excess intake of sugar comes with its own set of ailments, ranging from accumulating of those excess pounds to various health-related issues that can be fatal. Doctors recommend that one should limit the sugar intake to specific amounts in a day so as to you stay healthy.

The recommended sugar intake for a woman is 25gms/day (which equals to 6 teaspoons or roughly 100 calories). For the man, the sugar intake should not exceed 38gms/day (which equals to 9 teaspoons or roughly 130 calories). It is not easy to give up sugar easily if you are addicted to it. However, there are ways that one can set limits to reduce the intake of sugar and slowly consume just as much that is required.

If you’ve been battling the sugar addiction, the good news is that you can overcome it easily. We’ve listed some simple and easy steps to follow to limit the intake of sugar.

Choose fresh fruits and juices

When you have the craving to eat something sweet, choose to eat some fresh fruits or drink a glass of fresh fruit juice. Not only are the fruits healthy, but they also provide the much needed minerals, vitamins and fiber to your body, Fresh fruits and fresh fruit juices will also keep you hydrated and so it will keep you feeling fuller for a longer time.

Avoid packaged food and canned drinks

When you want to reduce the sugar intake, it is advisable to totally cut down on all packaged food and canned drinks because these are likely to contain significant amounts of sugar. The best solution is to not stock these at home or even buy them lest you are tempted to consume the same.

Indulge in healthy snacking

If you feel the urge to snack, do not reach out to the packets of chips and popcorn, instead make your own snacks. You can make popcorn at home using the stove top or eat some fresh fruit and vegetable salads as a snack. Indulge in some muesli or cereal or eat some home-made muffins. Not only are you saving money, but also choosing to eat healthy.

Set yourself a challenge – Go sugar free for short durations.  Gear up for a challenge with your will power and attempt to go sugar free for short durations. Start with a week and slowly increase the duration as you get comfortable. When you do this, you are resetting your taste buds and letting your body adjust to a routine that you will slowly get used to. It does take loads of self-control, but once you achieve it, the task to reduce the sugar intake becomes easier.

Start substituting sugar

If you are finding it difficult to go sugar free, then start substituting sugar with healthy and unrefined sweeteners like honey. Honey is good for your health because it is loaded with minerals and vitamins and is known to provide instant energy when it is consumed.

As you embark on the journey getting sugar free or limiting the sugar intake, you need to have loads of patience. Remember that you are working towards a long term process of improving your health and you can’t expect miracles overnight. You’ll have the phases of cravings, but do not give into it.

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