Throw away those Painkillers. Try an Ayurvedic Hot and Cold Compress!


Can painkillers offer you lasting relief from body aches and pains?

When you’re faced with aches and pains it’s easy to reach out for those blue and red pills or painkillers. But deep down you too know the dangers of consuming allopathic medicines.

Many a time a niggling body ache might be the result of stress, improper lifestyle habits, bad sitting posture and so on. You will do well to treat these issues soon either by changing your habits or using alternative therapies rather than popping a quick-fix pill.

One of the most effective alternative therapies is to use a hot or cold compress that can offer you lasting relief.

So what is a Compress?

Generally speaking, a pain-relief Compress is essentially a pad of absorbent material that is pressed on to a part of the body to relieve inflammation, pains and swellings. Most compresses can be used as a warm as well as a cold compress.

When to use a Hot or Cold Compress?

We keep hearing about applying a hot or cold compress in case of injuries, but what is the appropriate way to use them to get best results faster, one might ask.

In case of an injury that causes inflammation, it is advisable to use a cold compress to limit or bring down the swelling. Simultaneously it is also advisable to keep the injured limb elevated above the heart to limit additional swelling.

Should you apply heat to an injury?

It is said that when you’re first injured, ice is a better choice than heat, approximately for the first three days. Since ice can numb the pain and cause the blood vessels to restrict it thereby reduces swelling. A hot compress works best later. Heat offers pain relief as it promotes blood circulation to the injured area. It also relaxes the muscle area.

To avoid the ill-effects of OTC drugs, one can apply unique Ayurvedic compresses that are made using natural ingredients. These compresses can work wonders when it comes to healing aches and pains.

Ayurvedic Compresses – safest and best, for aches and pains

What makes Ayurvedic Compresses so effective is that they are based on ancient Ayurvedic principles focused on treating pain. You can search for Omved’s range of Compresses for treating sinus pain, headaches, puffy eyes, shoulder & neck pain, back pain, knee pain and more. Omved’s Compresses are made as per ancient Ayurvedic tradition. These compresses contain 100% natural ingredients and come along with a skin-friendly organic cotton cover.

Most importantly, they do not carry the ill-effects of painkillers and analgesics.

Contents of an Ayurvedic Compress

Under ideal circumstances, an Ayurvedic Compress is supposed to contain 100% Natural & Organic ingredients. Depending upon the pain or body ache, many of these compresses, such as those by Omved also contain Herbs, Essential Oils, Premium Flaxseeds, Ajwain seeds and soothing grains that improve health conditions and alleviate pain.

They also effectively heal based on the concept of alternating between moist warm/cold healing. With proper care an Omved compress can last for many years.

Types of Compresses

There are various kinds of compresses available in the market, excluding hot water bags, such as Knee Compress for joint pains, Waist Compress for backaches, Sinus Eye Compress, Baby Bib Compress, Neck & Shoulders Compress and more.

Omved too has a collection of compresses, the most effective ones being Breathe Easy Eye Pillow for puffy eyes, swollen eyelids, and sinus headaches and the Soothing Grains Neck Compress for stiff neck and shoulder pain, besides Waist Compress for relief in back pain to improve blood circulation.

Special Compresses for Babies and Mothers

The Baby Bib Compress is an excellent choice to soothe a baby during colic cramps, cold and cough. It comprises of an organic cotton cover filled with premium Flaxseeds and Ajwain. This compress combines the healing power of nature and heat, to soothe and heal respiratory discomfort.

Omved’s Nursing Breast Compress is the safest gel-free pack for mothers to improve blood circulation. Besides encouraging milk flow, it also helps reduce the swelling and provides comfort to the breasts during weaning.

Sinus Eye Pillow – Instant relief from Headaches:

If one is suffering from sinus headaches, instant relief can be found with Omved’s Breathe Easy Eye Pillow. This amazing product acts in minutes and has been proven best for puffy eyes and swollen eyelids. It helps clear the sinus passage around the eyes and temples to induce deep relaxation and sleep.

This Eye Pillow is made up of an organic cotton cover filled with 100% premium flaxseeds and a blend of dried flowers and essential oils of Eucalyptus, Chamomile and Peppermint. These herbs have been prescribed by Ayurveda to promote relaxation and decongest.

You can either use it as a warm compress on the forehead to reduce the intensity of a headache or as a cold compress to soothe tired eyes and reduce eye puffiness. Alternately, it can also be used at the room temperature to relax the eyes.

Know more about our popular range of compresses:

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Safer than Hot Water Bags:

Unlike hot water bags which can severely scald the skin and are not skin-friendly, Omved’s Compresses have a cover made of organic cotton to ensure safe contact with your skin. They help to protect your skin in case of overheating of the compress.

How to use an Ayurvedic Compress?

Ayurvedic Compresses such as those by Omved are multi-purpose and can be used as a hot or cold compress too. A warm compress is a perfect solution to get rid of pain related to muscle fatigue.

For using it as a warm compress, you can heat it in a microwave following the directions below:

  • When you are using any of Omved’s compresses, remember to remove the compress from the packaging.
  • Some of these compresses may be placed in a cloth cover for protection, like our Back Compress.
  • Remove the outer cloth cover also in case of such packaging and place the compress in a microwave (or a traditional oven) before warming for 90-120 seconds.
  • While warming, place a glass of water along with the pack in order to prevent the herbs from burning. After warming, you can remove your compress and place it in the extra cover before using.

For subsequent usage:

  • Remove from the outer cover where ever applicable.
  • Warm for 60-90 seconds (time may vary as per microwave oven).
  • Place the compress back in the cover.
  • Place on the affected area.

Some compresses can also be used as a cold compress since it helps to soothe or cool an injured area. A cold compress, when applied to the injured area, protects body tissue by slowing the metabolic rate and helps to reduce the swelling present around the injury. A cold compress is typically used to relieve any aches, inflammation or swelling. You can store the compress in the freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour before applying on the affected area.

Please Note: Do not use a cold compress if you are having a cold or any sinus related issue.

Healing Tip: To enhance the effect of healing, you can spray the cover of the compress with one of our therapeutic essential oil blend mists – Sushwasa mist (for cold compress) and Kushala mist (for hot compress).

DIY – Make your own basic Hot Compress

The benefits of an Ayurvedic Compress exceed those of regular compresses or hot compress bags by far. But to think of it, you can create a basic hot or cold compress at home and temporarily get rid of those niggles with some extra effort. For instance, a hot compress can be useful to relieve earaches, muscle aches, or even a jaw ache.

Here’s how –
Take an unused sock and fill it with dried rice. Tie a stable knot at the end of the sock and you’re done. Now you can place this rice sock in the freezer in order to make it cold enough to be used for cold compression. Alternatively, you can also heat it on a hot plate before using as a warm compress. Another way to make your compress is to take glass water bottles and use them as hot or cold packs. You simply have to fill them with either hot or cold water. But make sure you wrap it in a cloth before using as extreme temperatures can scald your skin.

To buy or learn more about Omved’s complete range of Ayurvedic Compresses, click here.

Got any innovative ideas about making your own Compress? We would love to hear from you.


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