Fruits to eat this summer


Summer is the season for fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating fresh and organic produce will ensure not just good health but will also keep your hydrated.  We’ve listed some awesome power foods that include fresh fruits and vegetables that you need to include in your diet this summer. In the first part of this post, we’ll list 5 must have fruits in the summer.

Water Melons

Hydrating, refreshing and tasty! You can eat this fruit as a whole and it does not require any extra dressing to add a flavour. It has a refreshing flavour of its own and it is one of the must have fruits in the summer because of its water content. It helps to keep the body hydrated and is a cooling fruit that provides the much needed respite from the summer heat. Watermelons are high in Vitamin A and C and the inflammation-fighting antioxidants in a watermelon can help to reduce risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and arthritis. Enjoy a slice of the refreshing melon in the form of a smoothie, cooler or just a chilled slice.


Undoubtedly the king of fruits that makes an appearance in the hot summers. The health benefits of mangoes are beyond its delicious taste. Did you know that mangoes are a powerhouse of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that has various health benefits?

Chop a mango and mix with chilled milk to make a yummy mango milkshake or just clean and cut a mango into cubes and eat as is. These fruits are packed with vitamin A and C, and have cancer-preventing beta-carotene.


Papaya is more than just a fruit that helps in healthy and glowing skin. Eating a papaya has its own nutritional benefits that include a healthy dose of Vitamin C that helps you keep the common colds and flu at bay. Papayas are also rich in vitamins C and E and beta-carotene that can help to reduce symptoms of inflammation within the body. Eat not more than one serving of papaya in a day. You can chop it into cubes and chill it before eating. A papaya smoothie with a dash of mint leaves and ice can work wonders to cool your body.


Nothing is as refreshing as a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice to quench your thirst. The fragrance of citrus fruits has always been associated with summer. Oranges are rich in potassium. Did you know that oranges can prevent also prevent against muscle cramps during workouts? Since an orange consists of 80% water this is a must have fruit to keep you hydrated.

Eat this as a fruit or squeeze out the juice to get the much needed energy drink. Rich in Vitamin C, oranges are your perfect choice to combat the common cold and cough in the summer season.


Berries are a common fruit that is commonly found in summers. Berries are small fruits packed with the power punch that you need. Berries are known to contain flavonoids that provide the benefits of antioxidant to the body. These fruits act as a coolant and can also help to reduce the heat in your body.

Eat the berries as a fruit or make a refreshing smoothie with some yogurt to add that extra flavour and nutrition.

Fruits are a natural way to get you the required vitamins, minerals and hydration. Drink these in the form of fresh fruit juices and smoothies to keep your body energized and hydrated or just dice and cube it and enjoy a bowl of chilled fruits.What are some of your favourite fruits for the summer and why? Share it with us! 

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