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As a parent, are you concerned about the number of chemicals being pumped into our environment? Does it ever occur to you that you need to keep your little one safe from these harsh chemicals and give them a chemical free life? We, at Omved understand those concerns and that is why we are letting you know how you can go organic with your little one is 7 easy steps.

Note: This is a two part article and in this article we are talking of the first three steps that you can take as a parent to welcome your little one into green living!

 Life with a new baby is unlike anything you have been faced with. It is a world of changes, challenges, choices and concerns. There is so much to research, learn and experience but so little time (make that NO time.) On hindsight doesn’t it feel like our parents had it easier?

When it comes to chemical exposure, we all know the obvious –

•             Breast vs Bottle milk – a no-brainer!

•             Plastic vs. glass containers – Bisphenol A  or BPA, often used in plastic milk and water bottles leaches into the liquid. It is an endocrine disruptor; which means it mimics hormones in our bodies, disturbing our natural balance and health.

•             Cloth vs. disposable diapers : Cloth diapers are not only better for the skin but also for the earth. Did you know that you will need to use approximately 6,000 diapers for your baby till they are completely toilet trained? Disposable diapers also contribute to landfill because they take about 200-500 years to decompose.

 •             Feeding the baby organic fresh(pre-packaged jars can be on occasional situations) food and the millions of benefits of doing so.

But then there is so much more than this, to leading a sustainable green life (without indulging in consumer heaven) and keeping your child toxic-safe (since they do so much growing and developing early in life it is most crucial at this stage)

1.            ORGANIC CLOTHING

No, organic clothing is not a fad! Your baby’s lungs and digestive systems are still developing and immune systems yet immature and thus much more sensitive to illness due to chemical exposure, than adults. Did you know – as much as 20 per cent of the weight of a conventionally produced cotton top can be carcinogenic chemicals that can leave residues on the skin, and are also associated with allergies.

Omved offers you the most natural, safe and softest baby wear on the planet. Our “Ayurganic” (100% organic and Ayurvedic herb-dyed) natural bamboo-cotton blended clothes are; incredibly soft, easy care, hypo-allergenic, temperature-regulating and anti-bacterial, keeping your little one completely free of harsh chemicals.

2.            ORGANIC BEDDING

Sleep in the first 3 years of life, is more important than at any other time. (It affects immune system development, brain function, physical growth, and many other areas). A newborn can sleep up to two thirds of each 24 hour day (about 14 to 18 hours). It really makes the most sense then to keep this environment chemical-free. While those designer baby bed-sets look adorable (and sometimes ‘natural’), remember that cotton manufactured by conventional means has been treated with a cocktail of chemicals, many of which have been classified as moderately to extremely hazardous by the World Health Organisation.

Only at Omved will you find; Ayurganic Botanical Bamboo Baby Bedding. Luxuriously soft bamboo-cotton cloth, dyed in pure botanicals has been fashionably styled into conveniently fitted or cosy flat organic crib sheets and pamperingly plush double-ply tie-n-dye blankets (great to use for night time and on the go) for your baby’s sleep comfort, look no further. You will love our sets so much, you’ll want one of each colour.


When a baby sleeps, their breath inhales air no more than six inches away from their bed. Pillows are often made with unnatural fibre that outgases toxins. Even when made with cotton they can harbour dust-mites and other allergens

Omved has re-introduced a 5000 years old remedy to prevent and treat flat head syndrome with the Baby Mustard Pillow. It prevents flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly) by evenly distributing pressure around baby’s delicate head whilst offering comfort to the baby. A baby’s skull takes approximately 12 to 18 months to harden. During this time it is important to protect the baby’s head from any repeated pressure building up on one area of the head that can lead to flattening.

Be conscious. Be aware. Be safe.

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