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There are seven major chakras in our body that, when spinning at an optimum pace, ensure we’re performing at the best of our energies. Not just our physical health; a balance in our chakras, in fact also translates into mental well-being. Often feeling just ‘not in the mood’ or ‘under the weather’ can mean that one or more of our chakras are either blocked, spinning too slow or spinning too fast.

While there are several ways to balance the chakras, one of the most effective ways to do this is through meditation. Chakra meditation is becoming increasingly popular because of its huge health benefits. It’s very simple actually – when your chakras are balanced, you feel well! People who practice chakra meditation regularly are known to be happier and healthier!

Chakra meditation usually requires that you start with one chakra at a time, visualizing a white light entering and leaving your body. You start with the root chakra and move upwards, to the other chakras and complete the meditation at the crown chakra. Whichever the technique you chose, when done properly, you can be assured of the benefits of chakra meditation. Chakra meditation is easy and effective. Anyone can learn how to do it.

All you need to do is find yourself a quiet space where you would have minimal or preferably no distractions. The area you choose will bring tranquility and peace of mind as you progress in the meditation. If you feel the need, burn an incense cone or stick or simply light a diffuser with a few drops of your favourite calming oil in it. A good time duration is 30 minutes, however as with any meditative practise, you can start with less and move to more.

Sit down in a comfortable position. Your spine needs to be erect. Breathe in and out taking long breaths for at least 2-minutes, you will notice a bit of stability in your body. Relax. Let every inch of your body relax. Feel your body become lighter.

Now visualise a ball of spinning light that is surrounding your entire body. Try to feel the energy from this light. Imagine this spinning light enter your body, and slowly connecting to each of the chakras – the root or base (Muladhara), the sacral (Svadisthana), the navel (Manipura), the heart (Anahata), the throat (Vishudda), the brow or third eye (Ajna) and the crown (Shasrara). As you focus on each chakra, visualize that the light is cleansing the chakra of any blocks, thus allowing it to function normally.

You can imagine each of the chakras using their color, lotus yantra or mantra. another effective method is to think of the chakra affirmations while on each chakra – starting from the base – I am, I feel, I do, I love, I speak, I see, I understand. Feel the chakras spinning steadily and uniformly, ushering in all the positive energies and releasing all that holds you down.

It is important that you are seated comfortably throughout this meditation. While you can also lie down and perform this meditation, it is recommended that you sit. Focus on your breathing and you will be able to concentrate on your mediation. When you have completed the meditation for all the chakras, lie down in the Shavasana position and relax for 5 minutes.

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