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If you love skin that looks healthy, younger and awesome, it is time to make that switch to start using face oils. They are your perfect skin solution that keeps your skin away from getting exposed to harsh chemicals, toxins or harsh treatments that can spoil the look of your skin. Using skin oils can transform your skin considerably making it glow. In an interview recently, Priti Mehta, the founder of Omved shared some valuable inputs on the difference between face creams and face oils.

Firstly are these oils better – more natural and organic – than creams?

 PM: This has been a popular recent debate – creams vs oils. In my opinion the scales are tipped more towards face oils! I prefer these to the moisturising creams. (Please do bear in mind that I talk of the wax based creams) The reasons are –

  1. Easily absorbed by the skin –  Since this is easily absorbed into the skins top layers, it improves the lipid barrier function which as we age produces less oil causing ageing and dry skin. Our top layer of skin is nothing but dead cells held together by  oils. this acts as a barrier to protect our skin from environmental damage. These depleting oils need replenishment which the oils do better than creams.
  2. Penetrates deeper into the skin  – Since the molecules of oils are smaller than the ones of creams – the skin recognises oils and does not consider it foreign, as it itself produces oil through its sebaceous glands, 
  3. Is More effective that creams –  Face oils continue to work effectively vs creams which after a point don’t work. Creams (not the oil based ones but the wax based ones) work basically by the wax forming a protective layer on the skin, this traps the moisture into your skin making it appear to work. however after a point this stops working. since the very wax used to help the skin leads to two possible negatives – it clogs pores and also also disallows the few oils mixed into the cream to penetrate and truly nourish the skin.
  4. Face oils are betterFace oils are naturally rich with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids which can rebalance oil levels, tone the skin, enhance texture,  complexion and glow. Oils help to prevent stretch marks, ease wrinkles and 

Since oil tends to be greasy, can they be used on most skin types? Also do they suit our humid Indian weather?

 PM : It is a myth that we have been fed – that oils cause break outs, make skin greasy and tend to tan the skin. our ancestral beauty regimes always used oils for the many naturally occurring benefits. Lipid attracts lipid and thus even for oily skin oils are better than creams. Creams and other product made for oily skin usually are formulated with harsh chemicals to strip the skin of its natural oils, which work in the beginning making it appear to control the oiliness but results in longterm drying of skin as the skin overcompensates to rebalance. Infact i am convinced that this over production is what often leads to the skin problems associated with oily skin like breakouts and blemishes. (science says it is the skins auto-immune response – natural oils serve as the first line of defense against microbes)

Thus although counter-intuitive, oily complexions should use oily products to reduce sebum output! The humid climate in India lends a glow to our skin by helping to keep the luster in. Oils when applied as a thin coat actually rebalance natural oil production.

What is the best way to incorporate oils into your skincare regime? How much should one use?

 PM: Ayurveda has always advocated the use of oils as a daily practise. A gentle all over self massage – abhyanga – with a little oil can go a long way to healthy glowing skin. Best time would be after the morning shower and cleansing of face. At night a little oil after cleansing also helps specially when sleeping in an airconditioned dry atmosphere. At night while a cream would just act as a barrier, oils penetrate deep into the sebaceous duct to nourish. They also soften the top layer of the skin and gently slough away dead cells.

Any oils or ingredients in oils that are good for the skin

 PM: When choosing face oils look for them to be pure (not adulterated or mixed with synthetic fillers), natural plant origin (no mineral oils and other petroleum derivatives) living (not heat processed but cold extract). Choose oils that are known to offer therapeutic properties like – Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Carrot seed, Coconut oil, Sesame oil. Logic follows that vegetable oils like canola, groundnut, soy etc are best left for cooking than lathering on your skin. 

For greater benefits, try aromatherapy oils – but be warned – the oils must be pure therapeutic grade (extracted without solvents and using the highest quality aroma extract)

What does Omved have?

 PM: Omved too has a line of aromatherapy oils for your skin and body. Our oils are formulated with pure therapeutic grade essential oils in a perfect nourishing trio of penetrable carrier oils of – pure Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil and Olive oil. Natural, organic, cold processed virgin oils allow the highly concentrated pure living plant  essences to pass through your skin and also benefit through inhalation.

Snippets from this post first appeared in the DNA Newspaper.

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