5 Essential oils you just can’t miss this monsoon


The Rain Gods have smiled upon us and the first drops have hit the earth. No doubt it’s a treat for each one of us, especially every aromatherapy enthusiast. Monsoons do give us a good reason to experiment with essential oils too.

To derive maximum aromatherapy benefits, one can use special essential oils at home during the monsoons.

Since it is absolutely normal for every home to smell damp and get infested with insects and bugs, we bring you a specific list of essential oils for monsoons that you shouldn’t ignore. With the sun totally out and away, unfortunately, the monsoon also results in decreased immunity levels, viral infections, waterborne diseases and mosquito-borne diseases.

Here’s a list of some essential oils you can use during these unsettling rains. Go ahead, experiment and even blend some of the essential oils to keep your living area bug and insect free and experience complete bliss at home.

5 Essential Oils you simply can’t do without in Monsoons

Lavender Oil

Every monsoon the rains invite the bugs home, but while they come uninvited you would do good to keep lavender oil handy. Cotton balls soaked in lavender oil should get send them a strong message to stay away from your premises. Lavender Oil has much more to it. So if the cold gets to you, Lavender can help you calm down and make you feel better. It is also known to strengthen your immune system. You can choose Shantam, one of our best-selling blended oils with a powerful lavender tone.

Eucalyptus Oil

It is well known that Eucalyptus has long been used in Ayurveda for treating various illnesses. Since it is an excellent anti-bacterial agent, it is also perfect to fight against monsoon-related skin diseases. Besides, inhaling eucalyptus oil also helps to provide relief from colds that are so common this season. You can also try Omved’s pure and blended Sushwasa Diffuser Oil.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil is another panacea for all seasons, especially during monsoons. It works wonders for sudden hairfall and greasy hair too. Just add approximately 9-10 drops to any 100ml natural shampoo and wash your hair to experience lesser hair fall and a clean scalp. You can choose from our pure, blended Ekagraya Diffuser Oil that stimulates the mind and enhances focus.

Peppermint Oil

Get back the spring in your step during the sluggish monsoon with the invigorating fragrance of peppermint oils. Besides being a great mood buster it also works as a great remedy for an upset stomach when applied topically. Peppermint is also one of the best options to keep mosquitoes at bay. Just add a few drops to a diffuser to keep mosquitoes at bay. You can also try our best-selling Mashaka blended oil that doesn’t kill mosquitoes but effectively repels them and offers you the benefits of aromatherapy too.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is a multipurpose oil one can experience this monsoon. It can help boost immunity, improve digestion and open a blocked nose to relieve congestion. Not to mention its de-stressing effect after a hectic day at work. If you’re looking for multiple essential oils benefits all rolled into one, this is the one you can’t miss.

Create your own blend at home or try one of ours

At Omved, our aromatherapists have created blended essential oils that are therapeutic and 100% pure. These blended oils are concentrated pre-mixed oils that are created to alleviate a particular symptom or relax and calm your mind and body. Since essential oils are pure in nature, it is important for you to choose organic essential oils since they are therapeutic in nature and free from artificial fragrances.

When you’re immersed in aromatherapy, there’s no end to what you can experience. Essential oils can benefit you in the most miraculous ways such as helping you de-stress, raising your energy levels, alleviating pain, inducing happiness, increasing focus, repelling insects from your environs and more. Read on to know more about how our oils can improve the quality of your life too.

Massage Oil – If you like a good massage you can try adding a few drops of essential oil to a carrier oil such a virgin coconut oil or sesame oil. Alternately you can also try our range Omved’s Bath & Body Oils.

Using it with a foot soak – Experience calm and serenity like never before right at home, by adding add a few drops to a bucket of warm water, add some salt to it and let your feel soak in it. If you’re looking for a rejuvenating foot soak you can try our Tired foot soak as well.

Bath time Aromatherapy – Enjoy a fragrant bath by adding a few drops to your bath water.

Deodoriser – You can add a few drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and keep it in your closet or cupboard to spread the fragrance among your clothes too.

Note: It is not recommended to apply these oils directly on the skin. It is advisable to mix them with a carrier oil before application or a massage to reduce their intensity. Also, in case of pregnant women please check with your doctor before you start using essential or blended oils.

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