Enjoying the journey of being a mom

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In our last post we talked about tips to a healthy pregnancy. In this concluding post, we talk about how to have a happy pregnancy as you embrace the journey of motherhood.

Think positive joyful thoughts

Science has proven that it’s not only the food and nutrition that a mother has that gets shared by the child in the womb but even your state of mind. All that you consciously and subconsciously experience, think and feel are all transmitted to your child and affect his/her mental, behavioural and personality development according to ancient Ayurvedic scriptures.

  • Avoid watching or reading upsetting negative news stories and horror, violent and tragic movies. Stay away from arguments, fights, long-winded discussions. Surround yourself with love, positivity and peace.
  • Enjoy every moment, happy and sad, every comfort and discomfort, every experience. Don’t waste away these precious days in waiting for the baby to be born. Enjoy the present moment.
  • Spend a few minutes just being alone with your baby. This is physically, the closest you will ever be with your little one and use these days to cherish that.
  • Begin and end your day with a small prayer wishing good health, love and peace to all.

Breathe safe

In the obsessive pursuit of putting the right things in their bodies, mothers-to-be often overlook what they are putting on their bodies. Our skin is like a sponge and absorbs over 60 to 70% of all that gets applied on it! While safe cosmetics are a must at all times of one’s life, during pregnancy it is even more paramount.

Toxic chemicals in skin and hair care products that get absorbed into our bodies over time can affect yours and your baby’s nervous systems, reproductive systems and cause other health ailments. Your baby’s blood-brain barrier is not formed yet so neurotoxins from some chemicals can easily pass through from your blood and affect your child.

  • Do read labels and seek out natural ‘safe cosmetics’. Some dangerous ingredients to watch out for are – sulfates(SLS, SLES), parabens, petrochemicals (eg mineral oil, Vaseline), talc, phthalates (eg perfumes), DEA, MEA, TEA, glycols, PEG, Triclosan, Hydroquinone.
  • A great website to check your products safety is www.skindeep.org.
  • Also pay equal heed to the air inside your home. Use natural products to clean your house, wash your clothes and fertilise your lawn.


One of the best things I have learnt from Ayurveda is to begin every morning with a walk in sunshine. 10 to 15 minute exposure to the sun keeps your vitamin D level at its optimum. This is not only crucial for your own bone strength and your baby’s bone development but also uplifts your spirit and refreshes you.

Bits and pieces

Some other bits of advice –

  • Aromatherapy – Pamper yourself to regular (pregnancy safe) massages, burn an aromatic soy candle, incense or diffuse essential oils. Caution – oils should be pure therapeutic grade and pregnancy safe. Some essential oils that are wonderful during pregnancy – lavender, orange, ylang ylang, sandalwood, patchouli, cypress, geranium, tea tree. Some oils to avoid – lemon, jasmine, peppermint and rose.
  • Tea – Herbal teas (made without ‘tea leaves’ from fruits, flowers, seeds, berries and leaves can be a good source for additional nutrients. Morning nausea can be eased with a tea made from peppermint leaves and a bit of ginger. Red raspberry tea is mothers-to be favourite due to its rich source of iron, uterine health booster and is known to help in easy labour. Have it after the first trimester though. From the Ayurvedic kitchen try a Brahmi and Yashtimadhu tea in the first trimester, Ashwagandha and Guduchi tea in the second and Gokshura and Sariva tea in the third.
  • Music – listen often in the day to soothing music. Instrumental music especially Sitar is known to have a calming effect on the soul. Practise deep yogic breathing while listening to music.
  • Walnuts, Flaxseeds and other plant sources are a good source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Do have some daily.
  • Wear organic loose fitting clothes and sleep in sheets made of organic fabric.

Remember healthy plants grow from healthy seeds. Nurture yourself with positivity, nourishing food and plenty of rest for a healthy happy and natural pregnancy.

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