Eco-friendly gifting options for Diwali


In our first post we mentioned about all the wonderful products we have in store for you that would make excellent gifting options. In this post, we are listing more options that will make this Diwali a joyous occasion filled with lots happiness and harmony. Getting back to our list of eco-friendly and budget-friendly gifts, we’ve listed some more options for you that you will love gifting!  

All for skin & hair care<

Whether you are looking at options in skin care, hair care or aromatherapy, you can make your own customized kits within the budgets you want or choose from the existing range of hair and skin care products that  are available in our store. After all, Diwali is the time when one wants to look the best!

Do you know that each of our skin and hair care products are pure, organic and natural. They are made with 100% therapeutic grade ingredients and are completely free from preservatives or harmful chemical that is toxic for your skin. This Diwali give your friends and family a safe regime that will ensure that they look beautiful all year round!

The skin care package will include face washes, soaps, masks and moisturisers while the hair care packages will include hair masks, shampoos, conditioners and hair oils.

All for babies

The Omved organic clothing include some super soft onesie’s for babies and toddlers! So if you know a little one who needs some pampering, buy these 100% organic cotton clothes for them. And while you are at shopping for little ones, don’t forget to look up the entire range of baby care products that we have. From massage oils, to nourishing soaps, ultra gentle ubtans, healing compresses, organic linen and more! You will love pampering babies with our award winning range of products. 

Buckwheat pillows

Have you explored our customer favourite buckwheat pillows? We have two variants – buckwheat pillows for adults and children. Slowly becoming one of our hero products, a buckwheat pillow is what you need to gift to someone (or even yourself!) who has problems with sleeping well. The good part about this product is that if used correctly, it can be used for almost a decade. Now, that is a gift that will last a really long time! 



Omved has a wonderful range of compresses that are made on the Ayurvedic compress of hot & cold healing. Filled with natural herbs and seeds and infused with pure and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, these compresses can be a perfect companion to ease those aches and pains. Pick from our healing foot compress, neck and back compress, knee compress or chest compress, depending on your area of pain. A quick spritz of our aromatherapy healing spray mists before compress application boosts quicker healing. 

The list of gifts that you can choose at Omved is endless. From hand picked items for expecting moms to relaxing mists for the new born and the new one, healing tisanes that promote good health and tin candles to uplift your mood any time. Gift the healing of aromatherapy or let your family and friends usher in the postive energies with the wide range of key chains, torans, bhandarwars or the windchimes.  



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