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You don’t need an occasion to celebrate. A family get together is always special. Not only are you spending time with your loved ones, but also creating memories that will last forever. Planning a party takes up lots of time and at the end you need to ensure that every guest leaves your home feeling special and happy. Of course, if you were a guest, you would want it too, wouldn’t you?

In one of our last posts, we spoke about conscious celebrations, about how important it is to keep traditions alive and celebrating with awareness, compassion and gratitude, so that we can make occasions memorable.

We’ve listed some tips for you that can help you organize a good eco-friendly party that will not only be inexpensive but also ensure that you do your two bits to keep the planet green.

Use the right alternatives

If you are entertaining guests and using disposable plates and cutlery, then do use the natural alternatives like biodegradable plates that are made from dried leaves of areca nut. These disposable alternatives do not cause a landfill. Labels bins and keep for the dry and wet waste that may get accumulated. This way you can recycle the wet waste if required.

Omved tip: You can also ask your friends to get any biodegradable cutlery they may be having at home.

Buy what you want and what you need!

Yes, we do know that arranging parties as well hosting parties can be a lot of fun. Don’t indulge in impulse purchases. We suggest that buy only what you need. Make a list of the things that you need and take a stock what you already have. Make a note of what you can borrow from a friend. Once you have the information in place, you will be sure of the exact requirement.

Omved Tip: When you are out shopping, do carry your own bags so that you do not buy or use the plastic bags. Plastic bags cause a landfill and take years to decompose.

Eco gifts

Handmade gifts are the best gifts. Not only do they show the effort that went into making the gift, but also makes it unique and special for everyone who gets it. Have you thought of colouring the empty glass bottle and using it as a gift? Gift wrap your presents in newspapers to save the cost f wrapping paper. If you are artistic enough, you can choose to colour the newspapers too!

Omved Tip: Do you have some empty glass jars at home? Colour them with glass paint and offer them to guests who may want to carry back some left overs home.

Minimise energy levels

You can plan parties for the day to save energy and consumption of electricity. In summers a good option would be to use a solar oven for cooking your food instead of the electric burners. If you are having a party in the evening, consider the option of decorating your home with natural soy or beeswax candles for a part of the time. Not only would they look beautiful but these candles also burn longer in comparison to conventional candles.

Cooking green food

Buy your veggies and other ingredients that you may need to cook at the local markets. Food produced and distributed locally requires less transportation which decreases our carbon footprint. When you buy local produce, you are also providing an income to them.

Omved Tip: If you have planned well in advance, you can also consider stocking up some ingredients a couple of days earlier so that you are not burdened with heavy shopping lists!

All of us love partying and celebrations. It is a great way of catching up with friends and family and building lasting and beautiful memories. But when you party, do it the eco way, so that you lessen the carbon footprint on the planet and also do your bit to save the planet for the future generations to come.

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