Eat according to the body type


Did you know that your body stores fat according to your body type? Every body has a different shape and the rate of metabolism and storage of fat is according to the body type. Once you know what your body type is and when to start eating according to the body type, you will amazed to see how quickly your body adapts to the eating style and how it helps to improve the energy levels as well. Ready? Let’s first identify the body type – Apple, Pear, Inverted Pyramid and Hourglass

The Apple Body Shape

If all or most of the weight is around the belly area then you belong to the apple body type. The legs and arms of the Apple body type are fairly slender without much extra weight. This body type is at the greatest health risk due to excess visceral fat, the good news is that the belly fat is pretty easy to get rid of. Some of the common cravings for this body is starchy and sugary foods or an excess intake of caffeine and diet sodas. It is common to have lower energy levels and fatigue and experience food cravings around midmorning or after lunch.

It is important to include proteins in the diet as well supplement with healthy fats that can include avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil. Including plenty of green leafy vegetables will help to keep the weight in check as well as increase the energy levels.

The key to losing weight for the apple body type is to keep the blood sugar levels under control. Limit your intake of starchy cards too just one meal. Stay off caffeine, sodas, sports drinks or store bought energy bars.

The Pear Body Shape

This body type tends to gain weight through the hips and thighs and has a smaller abdomen. This body type tends to have a smaller upper body with slightly excess weight on the arms and the chest.

It is common for people with this body type to lose weight in the other body parts before actually losing weight in the target areas. Research shows that this body type is dealing with oestrogen dominance and by eating foods that help to flush out oestrogen, it will be easier for this body type to lose weight. Foods with high fat dairy, rich and creamy desserts and lattes are some of the common cravings that the body type has.

It is common to experience hunger pangs between meals or at the end of the evening, after dinner. Opt for food that is high-fiber.  Adding vegetables and fruits, oats oats, quinoa, and brown rice should be a part of the diet.

The key to losing weight for the pear body type is to eliminate the intake of rich and creamy foods and non-organic produce that can contain pesticides. It is also important to stay away from caffeine and alcohol.

The Hourglass body shape

This body type typically gains weight evenly throughout the body and the weight gain is most noticeable on the face, chest, arms and ankles. Dairy food and foods rich in sugar are some of the common cravings that people with this body type have. When they follow an incorrect diet it leads to water retention and congestion issues.  The pituitary gland that can have an effect on cortisol, insulin and thyroid is the most affected body part.

A diet of raw vegetables and fruits along with whole grain cereals like oatmeal and adequate amount of spices should be eaten to ensure a healthy diet and experience better energy levels.

The key to losing weight for thus body type is to eliminate refined and processed foods. It is also important to stay away from caffeine and alcohol.

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