Easy Ways to Stay Cool in Summer


Summer is not exactly a season you would like to enjoy, especially when you stay in a country with a tropical climate. The harsh heat of the sun is often accompanied with extreme humidity that can cause extreme dehydration and exhaustion. There are easy ways to beat the summer heat to keep cool in the harsh summers. You do not need technology aided devices that can be expensive and not to mention not an eco-friendly option. We have listed some easy methods that are quite effective in cooling your body in summer that cost very little. So are you ready to beat the heat?

This is the first of the two part post that tells you how to stay cool this summer!

Go for a Shower – In summer, it is imperative to shower at least twice a day in cool water, maybe even more. The ideal times would be in the morning and before bedtime. It is a good idea to start your day all clean and fresh which also offers psychological benefits. Taking a cool shower at night washes away the day’s dirt and sweat, guaranteeing a good night’s rest. Use healing aroma based soaps and bath gels that can help your body cool as well.

Use Cooling Ingredients – In the summers, (or rather all seasons!), you need to let your skin breathe. Try and limit the use of make-up and other products that can cause your face to get oily and clog the pores. Sunscreen is an exception that should be a part of the skin care regime. You can opt for natural and organic beauty products have cooling ingredients like eucalyptus oil, lavender, mint, citronella, aloe vera, ginger, allspice, avocado and cucumber.

Go Easy on the Styling – During hot weather, too many accessories and jewelry can make you feel all hot and bothered, which ends up cramping your style. It’s best to stay simple and wear very little jewelry, taking care that you don’t wear metals that might react with sweat. Opt for a shorter haircut that is easy to manage in the summer or tie up your hair to keep the nape of your neck bare to avoid a hot, sweaty mess.

Wear Light – The kind of fabrics you wear during summer play a large role in keeping you comfortable. Stay away completely from synthetic clothes which trap the heat and sweat in – they also end up smelling bad. Natural fabrics are best – cotton and linen being ideal for humid climes as they allow the skin to breathe. Choose loose styles in white or light colors to reflect heat. Cooling colors like blue and green also help to soothe and calm the mind.

Spritz it on– This is a technique that many people agree have worked for them. Keep a small spray bottle of cool water to spray on your pulse points for a cooling effect that radiates throughout your body. You can also carry this bottle while travelling for an instant pick-me-up. Add mint or lavender for a more refreshing spray. For instant skin and hair care you can try using a skin and a hair spritz that instantly hydrates your skin and hair making it look clean and rejuvenated.

These simple and effective methods can help you keep cool this summer. Not only are they inexpensive but also easy methods to keep yourself and your skin hydrated this summer. Do you have a tip to keep yourself cool this summer? Share it with us.

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