Do’s and Don’ts of skin care


In many parts of the world, monsoons are considered a blessing, but  sometimes, it may not be a blessing for your skin and hair especially with the changing seasons and the dampness associated with it.

Monsoons also brings with it a lot of humidity which makes your skin and hair behave very strangely. People with oily skin find their skin becoming oilier and those with dry skin feel more dehydrated. Some people find their skin oscillating between these two extremes, within the same week!!

However, you don’t have to deal with such skin woes during the monsoon; here is a list of dos and don’ts for your skin that’ll keep it glowing all through the rainy months.

4 Dos for Skin in the Monsoon Season
  • Do keep skin dry at all times: You are likely to get wet this season (it is the monsoon), and the dampness can harbor all kinds of germs, not to mention be cause for mold. Keep dry tissues handy at all times. Take special care of folds in the skin and hard to reach places like the space between your toes.
  • Do drink lots of water: Dehydration is bad for the skin in every season, but it gets worse in monsoons, in spite of all that water! You can’t recognize your body’s need for water as well as you can in the summer, which ends up in parched and patchy skin.
  • Do use a scrub suited to your skin type: Monsoons are a season when you tend to feel icky, even though you’ve washed your face. Your skin tends to accumulate more oil and grime, so a scrub becomes essential. Try homemade ones so that you can avoid chemicals in the synthetic versions.
  • Do use a face mist:  Keep a face mist handy so that you can freshen up at any point of time. Also use an alcohol free toner as part of your daily skin care regimen. You can also dip cotton balls in pure organic rose water and let it act as a cleanser. This will keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated.
  4 Don’ts for Skin in the Monsoon Season
  • Don’t go to sleep with makeup on: No matter how tired you are or how late it is, remove makeup and use a cleanser and toner on your skin. It can stretch your pores, damage the cellular structure of your skin and hasten the aging process. Monsoons make skin attract more dirt, so you’re also sleeping with grime on your face.
  • Don’t keep touching your face: Our hands touch several things a day, and many of these are germ hotspots like remotes, door knobs and even keyboards. Besides, monsoons are notorious for skin and eye infections; touching your face is a sure fire way to spread those germs.
  • Don’t eat oily, greasy food:  We already know that your skin attracts oil in the monsoon season. When you eat greasy food, you are adding to this oiliness, which is quite likely to make your face break out in pimples. Though oily snacks are tempting, it’s best to stick to soups and light meals which include lots of antioxidant rich fruit and vegetables.
  • Don’t use heavy creams or lotions: With the weather already feeling damp and heavy, the last thing you want to do is suffocate your skin by slathering on thick, creamy concoctions. Go for a light body lotion after a bath to trap in the moisture, and use a light cream suited to your skin type for your face.

Now that you’re armed with these tips, you can go ahead and enjoy the full glory of the monsoons, glowing throughout the season!!

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