3 DIY Decorations for This Festive Season


We love the festivities in air! While the season for celebrations has started, let’s take a vow to indulge in a celebration that won’t cause harm to the environment. Let’s resolve to make this Diwali a happy and a non-toxic one.

DIY decorations for this festive season

Instead of spending money on plastic decorations or something that will be stashed away, to be just forgotten, indulge in some DIY decorations for this festive season that you can create even with your children.

Glass Kandeels or Lights in a Jar

Lanterns are known to adorn all the houses in Diwali. Also known as kandeel, they add to the vibrant colours that are already a part of the decor in Diwali. Decorate your home with glass kandeels  or beautiful pottery candle holders that throw amazing patterns against the walls. Get out the old glass jars and spray paint them in different colours. Or you can just picks up plain or coloured glass jars and place string lights in it.

If you want to add some decorations, then add some coloured paints to the glass jars and lets them dry. Create patterns on it. Place LED lights or palm wax candles that are do not cause any pollution. If you want to create a colourful paper lamp, then turn coloured paper bags upside down and tie them together with a string. Make a hole on the bags to place the bulb and cut off the handles. You have your own colourful paper bag candle ready.

Decorate with candles

DIY decorations for this festive season

One of the simplest decoration methods are candles! Plain soy candles with slight aroma make a wonderful decorative item. You can make your own candle holders or paint plain glasses in different colours to make them candle holders. You can also make candle holders with readily available ingredients at home like salt dough, orange peels or even seashells. Just arrange a few seashells and paint it in different colours or stick colourful sequins around them. Place tea lights in it to make your own candle stand, These make excellent gifting items too! If you want some aromatherapy, then add some coffee beans in the candle stand to get some fragrance in your living spaces.

Make colourful rangolis


If you are artistically inclined, you can make your own rangolis. Else, you can opt for ready made stencils that are available in the market or online.  If you have the time, take a big piece of cardboard and draw and design on it and paint it in a series of vibrant colours. Cutout according to design. You have a ready made rangoli ready to use for any festive occasion. Store it carefully so that it does not bend or tear.

Do you have a favourite DIY decoration that you would like to share with us? Leave a comment with the instructions and a pic and we’ll share it on our social media. 

Pic Source: Festive Decor from PratsMusings


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