Digest Better With Yoga


Digest better with yoga

The fiery metabolic energy of digestion, known as agni, allows us to assimilate food while ridding the body of wastes and toxins (ama). ~ The Yoga Journals

Agni helps to define your state of health at any given time. It influences your well-being and even promotes good health. Agni is the “digestive fire,” in our body. A strong agni helps in easy digestion and promotes a better lifestyle by helping build strength, immunity and clarity of mind. Its a very interesting way on how we can compare the agni on a physical and mental level. On a physical level, the agni helps to digest food and absorb the nutrients to release the waste products and build energy levels. On a mental level, it helps to absorb experiences in order for us to take in the good and eliminate the bad.

A strong agni helps us to produce ojas, while a weak agni promotes ama or the toxic residues that is the root cause of most disease. A weak agni can be caused due to poor dietary choices, lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle. Negative thoughts, pent-up anger, grief can also contribute to a low ama.

Yoga has recommended exercises to build up the agni and promote a fitter body by resolving digestion issues. So if you would want a better lifestyle, try these easy yoga asanas to digest better with yoga. Try these quick asanas to build up the agni.


This breathing exercise brings in the life force in the bosy and helps to eliminate the toxins out of the body. Focused breathing makes you more aware of your thoughts, mind and body. This breathing technique helps to create heat and build agni, thus resulting in a better digestive system. This is a cleansing process that helps the body take in more oxygen and throw out the carbondioxide.

Performing the asana

Place your hands on the abdomen and breath in slowly. Inhale and exhale slowly feeling your abdomen move where you rest your hands. Now start taking faster and shorter breaths. Focus on the exhaling and feel your abdomen draw strongly back toward the spine. Your inhalation and exhalation will be short and fast breaths. Practice this for 30 – 60 seconds at a stretch. If you feel dizzy, you should discontinue. Once you have performed the asana, sit comfortably and breathe normally for at least half a minute before you start any other yoga asana.

Seated Twist

When you perform a twist, you help to massage the abdominal organs. This in turn helps to bring in more blood and oxygen in the area that is getting massaged. An increse in the oxygen helps to activate the digestive system.

Performing the asana

Sit down comfortably and breathe in for a few seconds. Now place the weight on the left side of your feet. Now, cross your right foot over your left leg and place it onto the floor. You will need to wrap your left arm around your right shin. Stay in the pose for a second or two and turn around to look over your right shoulder. Breathe in and out for 5 counts. Move back to the seating position slowly and change sides and repeat the exercise.

Other ways to contribute to a healthy lifestyle is drinking warm ginger tea, practicing meditation and getting rid of negative emotions.Eat food according to your dosha type to promote a better agni.


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