Detox your home in 5 easy steps


Yes, we all know that air pollution isn’t too great for our body. The outside isn’t too healthy, filled with pollutants and everything that we should not be breathing. Do you feel better at home? Even if you did, you need to know that indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Considering that we spend close to 90% of the time indoors, we need to ensure that our home environment is free from toxins and impurities.

If there are toxins in your home, no matter how spic and span it is, how can you detoxify the air in your home? We’ve listed some easy steps for you to follow to keep your home not just clean, but also free from toxins. 

Keep the toxins at bay in 5 easy ways

Prevention is the most effective way to ensure a clean environment in your home. Listed below are 5 easy ways to keeo the toxins at bay. 

Choose natural cleaning options

Use natural and herbal concoctions to clean your home. For example apple cider vinegar mixed with water makes and excellent solution to clean tile and sink areas. If you notice flies around, add a drop or two of citronella oil in the solution to keep the insects at bay.

Keep a clean environment

You can also prevent pests by covering trash cans and ensuring that you store food in airtight containers. Humidity and moisture are the perfect breeding grounds for mildew and fungus. If you see leaky or broken faucets get them repaired immediately and seal off any small gaps visible to you.  

Use non-toxic materials in your home

There are many alternate solutions available for your home. Try to keep the furniture at home minimalistic and opt for organic cotton and woollen rugs. Solid wood furniture is a better option to consider over particle board. Consider using organic towels and linen as accessories.

Keep the air pure

Ensure that you increase air circulation by opening doors or windows. Opt for fans over the air conditioners because the latter circulate the same air that can get unhygienic.  Vacuum your home regularly and use aromatherapy to keep the air fresh. Use essential oils in diffusers to fill in your home with relaxing fragrances and at least twice a week purify and cleanse your home with dhoop powders (loose incense powders).  

Buy air-purifying plants

Plants are an easy and economical way of purifying the air in your home. They breathe in the carbon dioxide and release oxygen which gives us fresh air to breathe. A lot of indoor plants are also capable of absorbing a number of toxins and removing them from the environment. You can consider buying plants like aloe vera, spider plant and bamboo palm for your home.

Detoxifying is not a one-time attempt, but a continuous attempt that helps to keep your home and surroundings clean. Every little change you incorporate will help to detox the home and protect your family from any illnesses.

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