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It may seem a bit farfetched for any of us sitting in our air conditioned cubicles to be subject to heavy metal toxicity, but the truth is that heavy metals are far more widespread in our surroundings than we know. When these heavy metals enter our body and blood stream, it can have far reaching effects, and may even prove fatal. The only way to stay protected is to ensure that we set up a routine for detoxing our body from heavy metals.

Which heavy metals are toxic?

Heavy metal toxicity is the toxic effects of metals on the human body. Some metals like Zinc are essential for proper functioning of the human body, but an overdose can be dangerous. The most toxic heavy metals are lead, cadmium, mercury and all radioactive metals. Even a small concentration of these can interfere with the body’s normal functioning and some metals like Beryllium and Thallium are human carcinogens.

The toxicity of heavy metals can cause damage to the kidneys, lungs, liver and central nervous system. Some people are genetically predisposed to metal toxicity, and for them smaller concentrations of the metal can cause symptoms.

What are the sources of Heavy Metal Poisoning?

Heavy metals are all around us, in various forms. Lead for example, is one of the most common metals causing toxicity among humans, especially children. Lead is present in paint, tin cans and pipes, which can contaminate water flowing through them. Mercury is highly soluble, making their concentration in water bodies high, contaminating fish and in turn, the humans who eat them. Arsenic is present in seafood, poultry and even cereals. Silver toxicity is also possible, since silver is used in a few medications as well as in dental fillings. Other extremely common metals that can cause toxicity are iron, copper and aluminium. People working with heavy metals in industrial settings are particularly prone to heavy metal poisoning.

Ways to get a natural detoxification from heavy metals

Frequent detoxification can help in ridding the body of heavy metals on a regular basis, keeping the body free from toxins. It is necessary to remember that serious cases of heavy metal poisoning need to be treated at a hospital, usually with a chelation or gastro intestinal decontamination. Natural detoxification works on a maintenance basis, to cleanse the body of all the metals that aren’t required, through elimination of body waste. The following ingredients are the best natural methods that help in heavy metal detoxification.

  • Coriander/Cilantro – Patients of heavy metal detoxification have shown significant improvement in their toxin levels after merely 3 weeks of consuming coriander. Coriander increases the concentration of lead in the urine, cleaning out the body in effect.
  • Chlorophyll – Chlorophyll has several health benefits, and there are many claims that it can even help in dealing with malignant tumors. Liquid chlorophyll works well to clear out the body’s cells of the toxic effects of heavy metals. It can be mixed into hot tea or water before drinking.
  • Citrus fruits – Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C which is a free radical scavenger and can prevent the absorption of lead in the body and avoid its ill effects.
  • Garlic – Garlic contains natural compounds with chelating properties that can protect the cells of the body from heavy metal induced damage. It helps to control the absorption of heavy metals like lead in the liver.
  • Water – Good hydration is essential for any detox program, as it helps flush out the toxins effectively and keeps the kidneys working well.
  • Dry Brushing – Dry brushing is recommended to stimulate the lymphatic system and the general procedure followed is to dry brush from the legs upward, in large circular motions.
  • Detox Smoothie – You can make a detox smoothie that has all the goodness of detox ingredients in one package. Blend together a bunch of coriander, 1 tsp chlorella, a handful of mint, a handful of chard, 1 tbsp tahini, stevia to taste and water as per the required consistency.


Ways to Prevent Heavy Metal Poisoning

Heavy metals can accumulate in all organs of the body, so getting rid of it is not easy. Rather than treat heavy metal poisoning after it has occurred, it is much better to prevent it from happening in the first place.

  1. Avoid processed food in tin cans and stick to wholesome, natural foods
  2. Exercise regularly so that you break into a sweat.
  3. Check the labels when buying paint or toys for children
  4. Ensure you store food and water only in containers that are BPA free
  5. Stick to organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables
  6. Ask your dentist to avoid amalgam  fillings for your teeth
  7. As far as possible, avoid store bought cleaning products. Instead make your own using vinegar and baking soda.
  8. Use a water purifier that can filter out all the toxic metals.
  9. Try to use as many natural skin care products as possible.
  10. Ensure a balanced diet, since the lack of any mineral can increase toxicity of the other

It is near impossible to completely eliminate heavy metals from our surroundings, but with proper care, we can minimize our exposure to them. Older people, pregnant women and children need to be particularly careful.  In order to protect our bodies from the damage caused by heavy metal exposure, a good detox regime done on a regular basis will help greatly.


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