Curb the sugar cravings


Do you pop those candies without ever realizing how much you have eaten? Do you get the craving to eat something sweet without which you feel you cannot function properly? When this happens, it’s quite likely that you’re experiencing a sugar craving.

More often than not, sugar cravings lead to unhealthy food choices. There are many reasons one gets a sugar craving. Scientists say that the preference of sugar is present in our brain since birth, due to which even babies and small children prefer the taste of sweet foods.

Eating something sweet also releases endorphins, the feel good hormone, which explains the need to eat more of the same. After a spicy meal, some people have an urge to balance out the spiciness with a sweet dish. This kind of immediate gratification often ends up in binge eating.

Needless to say, sugar cravings are not good for your health or for you. It can be extremely damaging to your health. We’ve listed a few ways how excess sugar can damage your body:

  • Consuming more than the required amount of sugar can make you gain weight.
  • It can raise blood pressure which could result in heart disease
  • It affects your teeth by causing cavities
  • Too much sugar intake can slow you down. It makes you dull and lethargic and affects your brain power

Yes, we do know that these health concerns are scary. And at the same time it is not very difficult to control a sugar craving. We have listed simple ways that can help you control the sugar craving.

Eat lots of fruits

Fruit contains natural sugars, which though sweet to taste, aren’t as harmful as other sugary foods. Of course, fruits are also a healthier option in comparison to candies and chocolate bars that contain artificial sweeteners and flavours. Fruits contain lots of fiber and other valuable nutrients that make it a safer snack to opt for. Canned juices are not an option you should take, eat whole fruits instead.

Eat Frequent Meals

Most sugar cravings are a result of a drop in the blood sugar level or hypoglycaemia. This typically happens when there is a long gap between two meals or even skipped your breakfast. The best way to beat a sugar craving is to ensure that you eat frequent meals. Eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up and eat three main meals with at least two snacks in between. Eat your dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime so that the food also gets digested before you sleep.

Cut Portions

Have you heard of the 100 rule? If you do have the craving to eat something sweet, try to keep the snacking portion under 100 calories. All packaged foods have nutritional information printed on them and that helps you check the calorie count. When you maintain a calorie chart, you are ensuring the right intake. If you do get the craving for a chocolate, opt for a dark chocolate. Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa has far more health benefits than plain chocolate.

De-clutter the chocolates!

Temptation arises only when the object is there! So, you will have the temptation to eat the chocolate only if it is there. Keep your home clean and free of processed, sugary snacks and confections. Do not give in to the urge of buying it at the super market either. Stock your home with healthier options like fruits instead.

Eat more protein

Many people who are overweight or obese have a diet that is poor in protein. Protein is essential for cell building and provides satiety. Research has shown that eating protein laden food can help people from overeating and it can also help to reduce the calorie intake in a day. Protein also causes your stomach to empty slowly, and reduces in-between snacking.

If you are the type who indulges and gives in to a sugar craving, you must try these tips to keep the cravings at bay. Start with small steps like reducing the amount of sugar your like in the tea or coffee. These may be difficult to follow but are good for your health.  Remember, your body deserves good nourishment, so give it the best you can!!

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