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This festival season, do your bit to go green and hand out eco-friendly gifts to your friends and family. When you make a choice and an effort to celebrate consciously, you are choosing safe for people you care about;while also making a choice to save the planet.

This Diwali, at Omved, we’ve carefully hand-picked a wide range of gifts that are traditional, vegan, green and fit all budgets! Gifts that your friends and family will love! (We are sure you will want some for yourself too!) . Here we go, our list of 4 Omved gifts we recommend for Diwali:

Light up your home with goodness- ECO-DIYAS

Undoubtedly our best-seller, year after year. Welcome the festival of lights with these beautiful hand-crafted terracotta diyas. They are ergonomically designed to burn longer than regular commercial lamps and the glass chimneys protect the flame from the wind so that it does not get extinguished. Add to these our range of Aromatic Diya Oils and you’ll have your home smelling of divine fragrances that will make your feel calm and relaxed.

Participate in divine rituals

This ready to use, mini LAXMI GANESH PUJAN THAAL is an easy kit to perform a traditional Diwali Laxmi puja. Packed in a beautiful areca-nut basket, it holds a stone paath base with the intricate figurines of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi, who are worshipped every Diwali and welcomed to our home to bring in peace, love, abundance and prosperity. This kit contains all that you would need for the puja, right from the incense holder, incense stick and all the important samagri items that are required to carry out the pooja.

Invite positive energies

Our range of hand-crafted and traditional VASTU DOOR HANGERS AND CHIMES are gifts that one will treasure long after the festival. Each of these intricate wall hangings and chimes are made in accordance to Vastu Shastra and will usher in to your home positive energies and dispel the negative. Using traditional weaving techniques,sacred Vastu seeds, recycled beautiful glass beads and brass chimes and bells, they will add to the decor of your home and will be gifts that will be cherished for a long time!

Inhale fresh aromatic peace

For the lovers of true AROMATHERAPY (with pure essential oil aromas and therapeutic healing ingredients) our collection will be hard to resist! Ranging from incense sticks and cones that come in gift sets with hand painted terracotta burners to the loose incense powders that are lit as a part of the ritual to ward away the negative energies and usher in the positive ones, the aromatic oils that you can use in the diyas to fill your home with an abundance of aroma, we have all that you will need and love!

That was just a highlight of some of the awesome products we have carefully chosen for you this Diwali. Go ahead and indulge this festive season and fill in the goodness of green and eco conscious gifts in the lives of people you love. Did we mention that this is just the List 1? Watch out for List 2 we’ll publish early next week! Till then Happy Shopping!


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