15 Ways to Connect With Yourself


“Dear self, today you will shine.”

When was the last time you took out time to be on your own? Switched off from the gadgets and spent time knowing yourself. It’s time to face the truth: The most important person in your life is you. When was the last time you tried to connect with yourself?

Connecting with yourself is one of the ways to get to know yourself and promote self-love. It is more than just introspection, it’s about being in love and in harmony with what you do and how you are. It is about acceptance and not comparing yourself and berating for your failures.

If you are ready, just close your laptop, take off your headphones, & turn off your phone. Connect to your inner soul and love yourself.  We’ve listed 15 ways for you to connect with yourself.

  1. Meditate

    – This is one of the beautiful ways to connect with yourself and your soul. Focus on your breathing and try to eliminate the unnecessary thoughts. Focus on meditating. Add a few drops of the

  2. Journal

    – Maintain a journal where you jot down your thoughts, write your affirmations or everything that you are grateful for. Visit this often to acknowledge the love that is present in your life.

  3. Give yourself a massage

    – Need some tips? Head over to our blogpost to know how to give yourself a massage. Choose from our splendid body oils available in our store to nourish your body naturally.

  4. Work out often

    – Working out keeps us fit and betters our immunity levels. There is no greater love than loving your own body! Don’t have an access to a gym? Do some yoga, go cycling or for that long walk in a park close to your home.

  5. Spend time with yourself

    – Take a time out if you are a parent too! It is so important to connect with yourself. Unwind after a hectic week!

  6. Read that book –

    Did you know that reading helps to expand the imagination and sharpen your memory? Read as many books as you can and discover a hidden world!

  7. Watch a sunrise or a sunset –

    The magical world of sunrises and sunsets can calm your tired mind. Let the healing power of nature cast its magical spell on you!

  8. Spend time outdoors –

    Discover a new trail, go for a hike and soak up the sunshine. Not to mention that you also get your dose of Vitamin D!

  9. Let go!

    – One of the most difficult things to do, but when you do let go, it is liberating. Never live in the past! Forgive the people who hurt you, so that you can move on.

  10. Pick up a hobby

    – You never know what you excel at till you try it. Discover and develop a new hobby that you will excite you and make you happy.

  11. Travel –

    Wherever you travel, it becomes a part of you. Travel often, explore new places and you will be amazed at how beautiful it is enrich your experiences.

  12. Eat healthy –

    You can show your body some love by choosing to eat healthy and the right food! Eating healthy also ensures that you have a better immunity levels that promotes a healthy state of mind. Eat less processed food, instead opt for a home cooked meal packed with nutrients.

  13. Choose natural –

    Choosing natural products for yourself promotes a better lifestyle because you are lessening your carbon footprint on the earth. This was precisely why, we, Omved as a brand chose to give our patrons a nature friendly option of products that is good for them and the earth.

  14. Express gratitude –

    Express gratitude for the small things that make you happy! When you focus on happiness, you will attract happiness!

  15. Accept yourself –

    Let’s get this straight, you will never be able to please everyone and not everyone will like you. You may not even like everyone you meet! And that is perfectly OKAY!

 What is your way of connecting with yourself? Do you have a favourite thing that you do to pep you up? Share it with us in the comments.


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