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The colours you choose for your home will reflect your mood and your personality, According to Vaastu, there are certain colours that one must choose when getting the house painted. The more vibrant and beautiful colours you choose for your home, the more positive vibes will surround your living spaces. Did you know that choosing the right colour also affects your moods? We’ve listed a colour preference that you can use for various rooms in your home.

What do the colours say?

Choose bright and vibrant colours like pinks, blues and shades of orange and green to your kid’s rooms. You can also use colourful paintings and decals to decorate their rooms. Blue is most often one the chosen and preferred colours because it is known to slow the pulse rate and lower body temperature.

Orange is a happy colour. It is known to have an aura of energy and warmth surrounding it, just like the colour yellow. However it is important to keep in mind that this colour does not promote calm and relaxation, so it is best to avoid this colour in your bedrooms because it won’t promote relaxation.

The colour green connects one with the nature and is known to be a little more versatile. It has a soothing effect because green represents renewal, youth, and vigour. Since it has a calming as well as a rejuvenating effect, it is one of the preferred choices for the bedrooms and dining rooms. While it can relax and rejuvenate you with the soothing and calming colour in your bedroom, the same colour can help you build a better appetite and let you eat healthy because you associate the colour with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Purple is a colour that is fast turning into a favourite with the teens, especially the girls. The good news is that the colour according to recent studies indicates that it has an ability to stimulate brain activity.

Red on the other hand is denoted with loads of energy and excitement. The colour is known to raise the levels of blood pressure and increase the heart beat rate. The colour is also associated with passion and desire and it is recommend to be used in the bedroom for adults. You could choose pink, a lighter shade of red for the kid’s rooms because just like blue it is known to be one of the most calming colours.

The colour yellow depicts happiness, optimism and hope and lights up the surroundings just the rays of the sun. Studies have shown that the brain actually releases more serotonin when the eye takes in yellow and thus it helps to create lots of positive vibes. Did you know that the colour yellow is known to stimulate the creative aspect of a person? You can use this colour in the bathrooms where you can start your day on a positive note.

At the end of the day, keep one factor in mind, you are the one who is going to spend more time in your home. Choose colours that you love and provide to you the feelings of calm and relaxation. You cannot go wrong when you choose things that you love!

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