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Vaastu Shastra is an ancient architectural science of India that follows certain rules in the construction of buildings, to ensure health, happiness and prosperity of the people who will dwell in the living spaces. The rules of Vaastu Shastra are determined by the astronomical factors like the positions of the sun and moon, the earth’s magnetic field and an understanding of the elements of nature. Vaastu Shastra thus makes the most of energy from natural sources and is designed to reduce our dependence on artificial practices or products.

While Vaastu Shastra is mainly about the eight directional orientations, the selection of colours for various rooms of the house also plays an important role in complementing the rules of Vaastu. Colour Therapy believes that colours have the power to heal, and decorating a room in the right colour can influence the lives of the people living within.

The following colours have been recommended by Vaastu Shastra experts for a house that has been built according to the standards followed by the

Main Entrance – The entrance of the house should face the east to welcome the sun’s rays in the morning, starting the day on a positive note. It is preferred to have the entrance unblocked by pillars or other structures.

Colours to use – White, beige or a similar light colour is recommended. Also, since the entrance faces east, it’s better to have the walls on the west to be painted in colours other than orange and yellow, so that a glare can be avoided while reflecting sunlight.

Kitchen – The kitchen should be in the south east corner, not directly in the way of the main entrance. It is recommended to cook facing east, as ample daylight is available and sunlight is a natural sanitizer. It is also advised not to have the kitchen directly in front of the main entrance.

Colours to use – White and yellow are good colours for the kitchen, since they represent cleanliness and cheerfulness. Many kitchen appliances are white or silver, and yellow is better used in accessories and decorative items.

Bedroom – Bedrooms when facing south west ensure proper relaxation. A flat ceiling in the bedroom is considered to provide a feeling of stability. It also advised that one should not sleep with the head facing towards the north because the earth’s magnetic field can interfere with the body’s sleep patterns.>

Colours to use – Light green and light blue are ideal for a bedroom because it represents colours that are found in nature and associated with calm. Pink is the colour of conflict resolution, so bedrooms in this colour are good for couples.

Bathroom – For hygiene purposes, it is advised to have toilets in the corner of the house opposite to the kitchen, that is, the north west corner of the house, or of the room where there are attached bathrooms.

Colours to use – White are good for bathrooms, especially since it projects cleanliness and sterility.

Study Room/Home Office – Study rooms should be located either in the north east or east parts of the house, while studying may be done facing north or east. It is also advised not to face a blank wall while studying and to keep the room well lit.

Colours to use – Green is the perfect colour for this room, since it puts the mind at ease, while refreshing it and boosting productivity. Accents of orange and yellow are also helpful, since they increase creativity and provide a certain cheeriness and enthusiasm.

Living Room – Living rooms are usually aligned towards the north or the east to be receptive to the sun’s positive vibrations. Heavy furniture is recommended to be placed towards the south west corner.

Colours to use – To make a living room welcoming, colours like brown and green are good. Accents in red and orange help liven up the space and add points of interest.

Central Area – The central area is better left open and unobstructed by beams or pillars, to allow for free movement across rooms.

Colours to use – Light blue is recommended, since it is universally considered a positive colour and is suitable for all areas of the home except the kitchen and study.

Vaastu Shastra advocates that through proper planning and designing, one can modify the layout of their living spaces to take advantage of the benefits of nature and use colours their abode. Colours have the power to stir certain feelings within us and change our moods. A good understanding of colour can helps us to set a happy and a harmonious home.

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