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Did you know that yoga helps in many ways to better your health? Apart from being a stress reliever and boosting better health, certain yoga asanas can also help to boost the metabolism. Yes, that also means it can help you burn more calories through the day.  The other added benefits include wight loss, relaxation and calming benefits as well.  Try any of these 7 yoga poses to boost your metabolism today! These effective yoga asanas will help to better your metabolism.

Warrior Pose  – Virabhadrasana

This pose will help to strengthen your ankles and legs along with the shoulders and back. Practising the exercise regularly will help to tone your body and strengthen the core. It also helps to encourage a better body posture.

GETTING INTO THE POSE – Start with standing in the mountain pose. Get the hands together in the Namaste position and bring your hands to heart centre. Slowly start bringing your right leg behind you and tip forward the upper body so that it is parallel to the floor. This asana helps to engage the core. As a variation you can extend your arms out from your shoulders or out to your sides. Hold the position for at least 15 breaths.

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

This powerful standing balance pose makes the use of all the muscles in your legs and helps to engage and strengthen your core. It will also help to strengthen the abdomen, glutes and help improve the levels of focus and concentration. When practised regularly it also promotes a sense of calm and peace.

GETTING INTO THE POSE – Visualize yourself as a tree, rooting down through your standing leg and expanding upward and outward like branches through your arms. You will need to balance on one leg and bring the opposite foot onto the ankle that you are standing on. You can also place it on the calf or the inner thigh. Bring your hands into the prayer position or just raise the arms and look up. , or raise your arms overhead and look up. It helps if you look at a focal point.

Plow Pose

This is the perfect asana to wind up the set of exercises. Your body needs to be warmed up when you perform this asana.  This asana is known to compress the throat and stimulate the thyroid gland. It also helps to strengthen the abs while helping to stretch the lower back and hamstrings.

GETTING INTO THE POSE – Lie on the back and gently bring your legs over your head. All the time support the support your lower back with your hands as you slowly straighten your legs and place your toes on the floor. Keep your legs straight. If your feet don’t touch the floor, support your lower back with your hands. Breathe into your throat.

Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana) 

The shoulder stand is the inversion asana that is typically carried out after the plow pose. This asana is also known to stimulate the thyroid gland and it helps to increase metabolism. The asana is also stretch the shoulder and chest while helping to strengthen the abdomen and the upper and lower back.

GETTING INTO THE POSE – Staying the plow pose, you will need to bend your knees and support your back with your hands as you lift your legs upwards. You should not move the head or neck in this pose. If you begin to feel pressure in the neck, keep a slight bend around the Keep a slight bend at the waist and knees. 

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